Improve marketing ROI through visibility into sales activity
Sales ROI is easy to track. Did you win the deal? There’s your ROI.
Marketing has a much harder time proving ROI. Tracking page views, social media shares and inbound leads is one thing, but how can marketing managers tell if their content strategies and messaging are working in the sales cycle?
The answer: track sales activity.
Sales enablement software uses a centralized library with integrated tracking to collect data on what content is being used by sales across the sales pipeline, right down to number of times a presentation is sent or the ways sales reps are modifying individual slides.
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Using sales enablement software, marketers can follow these three steps to identify the problems in their content and fix them in order to improve marketing ROI:

Find out what content is being ignored by sales

Identifying which pieces of sales content are lying dormant is the first step in finding out why that content isn’t being used.
Does sales find it ineffective? Does it not map to the sales process effectively? Does sales even know it’s there at all? These questions all remain hidden unless marketing has visibility into sales activity.

Find out what content sales reps are using most

Are sales reps using the same presentations over and over again? Do they prefer to send videos or eBooks? Are they using content with approved branding and messaging?
Marketers can learn all of this easily by tracking sales activity. That information can then be used to give sales reps more of what they actually want to use.

Find out what content is most effective in sales

Imagine being able to correlate specific presentations or slides to deals that closed. Using a sales enablement platform that has a big data analytics engine, it’s possible.
Marketers can achieve a huge boost in marketing ROI by creating and promoting more of the sales content that has the biggest impact in the sales cycle.

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