Technology to Increase Marketing ROI
Marketing departments within B2B sales organizations consistently struggle with ways to calculate marketing ROI, often relying on some basic marketing ROI formula to determine if their strategies and content are working effectively.
The problem:
Marketers aren’t tracking ROI
Without technology that makes it easy to track content usage and buyer behavior, marketing teams stay in the dark about what is working and what isn’t. They’re just throwing darts at the board, hoping they hit the buyer bullseye.
The result:
Content marketing isn’t effective
It’s difficult to make strategic decisions about changes to content messaging or distribution platforms without being able to measure the return on marketing investment. Content marketing’s effectiveness is suffering as a result.
The solution:
Clear visibility into marketing ROI
A sales enablement platform automatically tracks the data that gives visibility into marketing ROI, making it easy for marketing teams to measure effectiveness and adjust their strategies accordingly.

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Learn from B2B marketing leaders: Invest in visibility tools.

laptop with a bar graph clip art next to it
Best-in class firms are harnessing the power of sales enablement tools to gain valuable visibility into marketing ROI. This technology lets marketers find out the answer to three vital questions:
  1. What’s being used?
    Gain visibility into what content sales reps are sharing with buyers and what content is sitting unused in your content repository.
  2. What’s working?
    Understand how buyers are responding to your marketing content by tracking how often content is shared or viewed, right down to the number of seconds they spend looking at individual slides or pages.
  3. How do we improve?
    Use the insight gained from metrics to adjust your marketing strategy to maximize your marketing rate of return.

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