Prioritize Opportunities and See Conversion Rates Climb.


Prioritize Opportunities and See Conversion Rates Climb.


Close more high-value deals by reclaiming time lost on low-quality opportunities.

Prioritize to convert.

The real value in prioritizing opportunities is increased conversion rates. When a sales rep spends time following-up on low quality, low-value opportunities, that time is usually lost. Adding insult to injury, following bad leads means the opportunities that represent the best chance for selling success are often neglected.

So, prioritize the best opportunities over the bad ones and convert—easy, right? Well, yes… and no. Prioritization isn’t easy.

Score to prioritize.

Sales reps are busy; they manage dozens of opportunities in any given week—or even on any given day. Often the latest buyer to walk in the door looks like today’s priority, but days and wasted hours later, they look like a dud. If prioritization is the answer to increased conversion, opportunity scoring is the answer to effective prioritization.

Opportunity scoring leads to successful prioritization by focusing a sales rep on the opportunities with the right characteristics (i.e. quality, value and fit), at the right time (i.e. communication gaps, age and stage). The best scoring goes further—extracting meaningful intelligence from buyer-seller interactions to provide true insight into the value of any given opportunity.

Here is what the experts have to say:

Companies whose lead prioritization exceeds expectations have 11% higher win rates than companies whose prioritization needs improvement.
-CSO Forum

Sales teams who prioritize sales efforts are 18% more likely to achieve revenue plans and 22% more likely to meet or beat their sales quotas.
-CSO Insights

45% of sales reps report needing help figuring out which accounts to prioritize.
-CSO Insights

46.4% of CSOs indicate they need to improve lead scoring and prioritization.

Accurate scoring >> Actionable prioritization >> Increased conversion

By screening-out low value opportunities, sales reps have more time to focus on the best buyers—and close more deals faster. Help sales reps convert more higher-quality opportunities with effective prioritization backed by intelligent opportunity scoring. Your pipeline report will show the difference!

By Accent Technologies

5th May 2015