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What You Need to Know about GDPR

Protect Your Business by Protecting Personal Information The General Data Protection Regulation will take effect across Europe in May 2018 – Are you ready? For any businesses that might handle the personal data of residents of the European Union, now is the time to prepare. Below, we go over the most important aspects of GDPR with regards to sales and marketing teams.

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“Compliance will have our necks if they find out sales presented these materials without the proper disclosers.” “I wish there was a way to trace who approved this presentation to be client facing.” “Every year we have to make sure all our disclosure are up to date with the latest verbiage… it’s a mess auditing and updating.” “Our sales team always complains that they don’t

The Cost of Manual CRM Data Entry

Customer Relationship Management, in one form or another, is at the center of every company’s revenue model. If your customer relationships are shaky, your business is shaky. This isn’t a new concept—strength in customer relationships has been the lynch pin of business viability since the conception of marketplaces. But in the 1990’s, with the advent of the dot-com era, Customer Relationship Management, or now more commonly referred to as “CRM”,

AI Infancy and Evolution

As the world continues to get more complex in every facet, we are starting to see AI become assistive to help people in their roles.  Utility companies can use drone imagery and thermal mapping in conjunction with AI data to detect and anticipate equipment failure. IBM Watson is helping doctors condense mass amounts of data into something digestible. Many companies are beginning to take advantage of the benefits AI systems

Where Traditional Sales Business Intelligence Falls Short in Creating Change 

The Problem. Reporting dashboards. They’re everywhere. They paint the walls of executive board rooms, they’re at the center of forecasting and budgeting discussions, and they sit persistently on the computer monitors of most managers. They say, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” And trust us, there aren’t many who would disagree with that in our 21st century, data-driven world. But this obsession with sales metrics, and the

5 Proven Best Practices for Sales Asset Management

A solid Sales Asset Management system is more than just an advantage for B2B sales teams – it’s essential for any enterprise business who wants to stay competitive. Of course, just checking off the SAM box won’t guarantee success. Implementing and managing the Sales Asset Management platform requires strategy and careful planning. SiriusDecisions has compiled a core strategy report on how to successfully implement an SAM system that is proven

Best Practices for a Successful Sales Enablement Software Implementation: Part 3 The Follow Up

When launching a new technology, almost every team faces challenges and roadblocks. Some of the most common challenges you’ll face in every stage of the process are: No sense of urgency to migrate from old tools or processes Disconnect or lack of communication about the strategic benefits of the new technology Active resistance or push back from naysayers This 3-part series is designed to help you navigate some of the

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