How B2B Content Wins in 2019

We all know that content plays an important part in the B2B buying cycle, but how do you know what content is moving things along and what’s falling flat? The answer is you need a scalable and methodical approach to measuring content performance.

9 Great Quotes from SDSummit 2019

Sales AI: “When we automate activities we don’t like doing, we can get back to creating, designing, engaging and disrupting. AI frees us up to do that.” – Megan Heuer, VP of Research for SiriusDecisions See Also: AI in B2B Sales: What You Need to Know   “Deliver dynamic relevance in real time. Successful reps share more relevant info sooner and much more frequently than their peers. AI comes to

Retrospective Content Analysis: A Crucial Element to SE Implementation

Implementing a Sales Enablement solution can be a heavy lift for any revenue team. Oftentimes, it presents a good opportunity for Marketing to do a bit of spring cleaning—retiring old or redundant content, and re-energizing materials that are still relevant as they migrate from their status quo solution to the new SE solution.

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