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How to fire people peacefully

The best way to let people go without creating drama… First of all, this is the absolute worst part of my job. I have been doing this for a long time and it still sucks. It gets no easier with age or tenure. Trust me on that. It sucks having to tell people that they don’t have a future with your company. That said… sometimes it must be done. Here is the most humane approach.

Sales Enablement Roundup: June’s Best Articles

We’ve scoured the internet over the past month and put together the articles and blog posts on sales enablement you definitely will want to read:

The Importance of Aligning IT Goals with Sales Enablement (And How to Do It)

When you think about enterprise sales enablement efforts, the first department that comes to mind is probably going to be sales (go figure) or perhaps marketing. It’s considered a success if you manage to get both sales and marketing departments in full agreement about an enablement purchase. However, if your upcoming sales enablement initiative encompasses a software tool of some sort, then it’s important not to forget the department that is going to play a huge role in approving and implementing that software: IT. If you get nothing else from reading this article, here is the advice we want you to take away: your enablement effort will go far more smoothly and effectively if you have the buy-in of the IT department. So let’s talk a little bit about how you can achieve that full buy-in.

Are Your Sales Managers Coaching from the Locker Room?

Getting the activity-level visibility to manage effectively Imagine a head football coach trying to run his football team. His main focus is to help his team improve and win games. But this coach has some problems. He has to coach from the locker room. He has no video of his team’s previous games to study. He can’t tell if his offensive linemen are making their blocks, and following their assignments—he just has to take their word for it. He can’t see which receivers are catching the ball and which are dropping easy passes. He has few statistics to review. No record of plays run. No assistant coaches in the press box giving him insight into the big picture. He waits in the locker room until he finds out whether his team won or lost—but he never really knows why. Sound a little ridiculous? Like you might not want to coach under those circumstances? Welcome to the world of many B2B sales managers and leaders.

Sales Enablement Roundup: May’s Best Articles

We’ve scoured the internet over the past month and put together the articles and blog posts on sales enablement you definitely will want to read:

Accent Attends SiriusDecisions Summit 2017

We don’t want what happened in Vegas to stay there! The Accent team started the week by setting up our presidential suite in the Venetian. Our goal was to talk to prospects, clients and analysts and tell our story – where we’re going with our platform and how we’ll get there After a week of amazing sessions, demos and discussions, we’re thrilled to be back and hit the ground running with some of our new ideas and relationships! Last week Accent Technologies attended the 2017 SiriusDecisions Summit. Our goal was to learn more about the latest trends in sales strategy and meet other knowledge–hungry Marketing and Sales Enablement leaders.

3 Ways to Make Your B2B Sales Follow-ups More Engaging

We get it: it’s easy to get caught up in the daily “to-do list” of B2B sales. Make the calls, send the emails, enter the CRM data. Just check the items off the list and you’re done for the day! Except checklist sales reps don’t close deals. Today’s modern buyer wants more than someone who copy and pastes a generic email template and maybe (if they’re lucky) personalizes the introduction. Keep in mind that you’re not the only person trying to sell your prospect something. If you want your B2B sales follow-up to be the one that gets your prospect’s attention, you need to get creative. Here are three solid strategies for upping the engagement factor.

Find the Best Sales Tool for Your Organization

With hundreds of sales tools on the market, finding the right solution(s) to meet your organization’s unique needs can feel overwhelming. Technology should be a strategic initiative that not only supports your sales process, but also your improvement goals.

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