How Enterprise ChatGPT Supercharges Sales Team Output


How Enterprise ChatGPT Supercharges Sales Team Output

You don’t have to be Einstein to see the potential of generative AI for sales teams. The equation is no joke. Enterprise ChatGPT = Sales Reps2 is not too far off the mark. This AI helps in so many ways and has such massive potential to make sales teams much more productive that you need to take a close look sooner rather than later. Let me explain the “why” and the “how.”

Why Generative AI is So Critical

We are facing an inflection point of significant change. Technology change like generative AI [i.e. ChatGPT] does not happen often, so when it does it pays to pay attention. Some experts say it will be more significant than the introduction of the Internet—a bold statement for sure. But if it’s anything close then you want to pay very close attention to what’s going on and understand how your team might benefit.

It will give some organizations a big competitive advantage [those who leverage it]. But, for many others, it be a key reason they fall behind. Obviously, you want to be on the good side of that curve. Let’s move on.

Why Enterprise ChatGPT is So Important

Remember that feeling when you tried ChatGPT on the web? Now, amplify that experience a couple of notches. With Enterprise ChatGPT, you're not just getting generic responses for recipes or the day Abraham Lincoln was born. This thing—we like to call it an Enterprise Knowledgebase—is tailored, trained, and ready with specifics about your company's offerings. It’s like having a smart assistant, who knows everything about your products, available 24/7. Imagine a rep having that kind of backup!

How Enterprise ChatGPT Helps

Quick Product Answers

Imagine a rep is on a call and a potential client asks, "What's the warranty period for your premium range?" Instead of placing the client on hold or deferring the question, the rep quickly types it into Enterprise ChatGPT and receives an immediate response. The client is impressed with the quick answer, and the rep feels confident with their backup knowledgebase.

Email Assistance

A rep is trying to close a deal with a company that values sustainability. Unsure about how to frame the product's eco-friendly features best, they ask Enterprise ChatGPT. Within seconds, they have a draft email highlighting the product's sustainable manufacturing process, reduced carbon footprint, and the company's commitment to green practices.

Personalizing Materials

Let’s say a sales rep is getting ready for a follow-on meeting with a buying team. She knows their key pain points and what solutions might work to address the pain.  She really wants to create a tailored PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate understanding, and relate her solutions to their needs, but she just hasn’t made the time—and the meeting is 45 minutes away. With an Enterprise ChatGPT Assistant tailored deck like this takes only about 3 minutes.

Spending Time on the Right Deals

Most sales reps struggle with the basics—who to follow up with, when, and how to prioritize. It takes time and they’re always in a hurry. This AI assistant isn't just about answering questions; it's got your back on prioritizing crucial touchpoints—which opportunities to prioritize, and what to do for each.

Prioritizing Leads

After a trade show, a rep has a list of 100 new contacts. They input this into Enterprise ChatGPT, which swiftly highlights the top 20 based on their interaction at the event, company profiles, and purchasing potential. Now, the rep knows exactly where to start their follow-up, ensuring higher conversion rates.

Instead of reps diving into a sea of reminders and post-its, the system lines up their tasks, ensuring they focus on the hottest leads.

There are many, many more examples, but this should give you an idea.

Big AI Concerns We Hear Often

Here’s what concerns most leaders. "Hey, doesn’t ChatGPT sometimes daydream and hallucinate answers?" It's easy to overlook, but there’s a difference. A custom Enterprise ChatGPT solution comes with stronger guardrails. If it doesn’t know something from its customized knowledgebase, it just admits it. No wild guesses.

Data Security

While playing with the consumer version of ChatGPT on the web can be fun, it does expose your queries. A custom Enterprise version is like a fortress when it comes to data security. Your data is stored separately from any Large Language Models like ChatGPT—and not used for training or anything else.

Getting Up and Running Fast

Getting started with it is easy. It’s like setting up a new smartphone—okay, maybe not quite that easy. Import the documents and information, and boom! Your sales team is supercharged. And you can start small—even just a sandbox to get used to how it works. Training the system on your data is very easy—just drag the folders and files into the system and you’re ready to roll within a few minutes.


It’s the power of AI combined with your sales reps’ human intelligence. The AI fills lots of gaps that most sales reps suffer. Time spent prioritizing, time spent crafting follow-ups, deciding who to follow up with and what to do. I could go on. The potential? Massive. So, as a sales leader, I've just got one question for you: Why wouldn't you jump all over this?

Hope this gets you excited to move forward. Dive in and explore. It will be worth your effort.

By Accent Technologies

30th September 2023