Content Management


Content Management

Powerful tools for content management

Centralize, manage, and deliver content at just the right time on any device. Easy setup and maintenance help content teams manage and deliver with precision.

Automate Content Updates

Update automation saves content teams tons of hours in managing content updates. Update master content in one place and changes propagate throughout the library as needed.

Control distribution by team, region or channel

Powerful permissions let you ensure the right content is available to the right people and teams. No more concerns about the wrong people having access.

Allow personalization with control

Deliver tailored, personalized materials quickly and easily to connect with buyers and move deals forward. One-click personalization makes it super simple.

Give users a powerful search

Tired of users complaining they can’t find what they need? Google-like searching returns the right resources quickly. Search for anything—documents, videos, training materials, people, email templates, web meetings—you name it.

Track all buyer responses

Track all buyer response activity. See what files and pages buyers are engaging and for how long. See which movies are getting the most views and least drop-offs.

Incredible Visibility into Content Performance

AI brings visibility into how content is performing. See who it’s used with, when, and how buyers respond. Roll-up views and content scorecards bring incredible insight letting you make better content investments.

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