Guided Selling

Guided Selling

Unleash Performance with AI-Driven Guided Selling

Prioritize opportunities, recommend next steps, and suggest the right content. Guided selling AI insights give them the edge they need to win more deals.

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Accent Sell

Take the right next steps with the right buyers

Prioritize effort & actions

Your AI Assistant helps you plan and prioritize your deals and follow-up actions. Focusing on the right effort brings success.

Next-step recommendations

Get intelligent next step recommendations. Your guided selling AI assistant will help keep you on the right track to success.

Push more deals forward faster

More high-quality follow-up means getting more buyers engaged and more selling success. It’s that simple.

Accent Sell Highlights

Guided Selling key capabilities

Accent Sell with ChatGPT AI guides you to focus on the right deals and the right buyers at the right time. It not only helps you focus, but greatly assists with writing great emails, suggesting the right content, and planning next meetings.

Always there to help

Accent Assist—your AI assistant—is constantly there at your side, ready to help in lots of ways. Researching buyers, writing follow-up emails, suggesting content, and even creating personalized content.

Sharpens follow-up emails

Even great reps struggle with follow-up emails. Accent Assists writes great emails you can use directly or edit as needed to move faster and get more done.

Prioritizes your effort

Get daily prioritized list of where you should focus and buyers that need follow-up. Your AI sales assistant saves you tons of time planning and prioritizing your valuable time.

Next step recommendations

You’ll think its magic. Accent's guided selling Assist gives you incredibly intelligent next step recommendations for all your deals. It suggests and writes emails, gives you talking points, helps you plan meetings—you name it.

Faster response to buyers

The bottom line—you can respond faster buyers. And not only faster, but better. More buyer engagement means more healthy deals in your pipeline.


Clearly see sales situations

Get great visualizations of your accounts and sales deals. Accent Sell’s dashboards tell you who’s engaged and the overall health of the sales situation.


Guided Selling: Mobile

Absolutely! You can experience this on your mobile device as well!

Our natively written mobile apps give you access to guided selling while on the road.

Access from Anywhere

We have lots of integrations and plug-ins so your team can use Accent solutions and get the benefits anywhere you work—anytime.