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Used by sales driven by marketing
Data driven approach to sales enablement
Sales content
Content anywhere, anytime
Smart content suggestions
Buyer engagement tracking
Opportunity prioritization
“What next” suggestions
Pipeline management assistant
Sales performance
Activity visibility
Sales rep scorecards
In-context coaching

Sales enablement outcomes

More selling time
Reps save 26% of the time wasted looking for content to give buyers. That’s 10% more selling time for reps (4 hours per week).
Faster response
Reps respond 5x faster to buyer requests. Reps can respond to more (about 20 versus 4) inquiries in the same time.
Higher content usage
Sales reps use content over 62% more on average. Easy access to the right content makes all the difference.
more selling time, faster responses, increased content usage, and a better buyer experience for more effective sales
Less CRM data entry
We automate CRM data entry so reps spend much less time entering data (4-6 hours a week) and more time selling.
Sales activity visibility
You get complete visibility into what reps are actually doing and how effective they are in engaging buyers and closing deals.
Better Coaching
Sales managers and coaches can bring in-context coaching and guidance right to the opportunity level.
Sirius Decisions recognizes Accent as a preferred Sales Asset Management vendor
Recognized Sales Asset Management Vendor
Accent users on G2 Crowd rate us highly and claim they love us
Vendor Neutral recognizes Accent Technologies as one of the Certified 100 sales enablement vendors
Gartner recognizes Accent Technologies as a preferred Digital Content Management Vendor
Recognized Digital Content Management Vendor
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Accent Technologies - Sales Enablement software for your desktop and mobile devices


Don’t let out of office time slow your sales. Keep sales moving forward from anywhere or any device through instant access to resources and information.

Software for better sales execution


Powerful analytics drive resource recommendations, coaching and sales plays to guide your sellers to greater sales productivity.

sales tools


Easily add capabilities and expand with add-on modules that target specific needs. Modules snap into place whenever you’re ready.

marketing tools


Integrate with CRM, marketing automation, repositories and other systems to create a complete sales enablement ecosystem.
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