AI-driven Revenue Enablement

The new sales enablement

AI-driven Revenue Enablement

Helping revenue teams increase sales revenue with data science and AI

For marketing


Marketing Insight

  • Buyer engagment activity
  • Multi-channel data capture
  • Content performance
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Content Management

  • Content anywhere, anytime
  • Smart content suggestions
  • Buyer engagment tracking
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For sales


Guided Selling

  • Opportunity prioritization
  • "What's next" suggestions
  • Pipeline management
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Sales Management

  • Activity visibilty
  • Sales rep scorecards
  • In-context coaching
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AI-driven platform increases your sales revenue

Accent’s comprehensive platform has one purpose: to help your teams operate more efficiently and effectively to increase your sales revenue. Put the power of AI on your side with the most advanced revenue platform available.

The visibility you need to align your revenue team

Unprecedented visibility into buyer engagement. Every seller-buyer interaction – emails, meetings, calls, web-conferences, social and more – all visible so you can Know Your Buyer and align your teams.

Deliver content with precise recommendations

A complete picture of sales situations results in more relevant content recommendations. Period. Comprehensive activity data capture and AI combine to deliver the most precise recommendations in the industry.

Analyze the selling motion for better sales execution

Seeing exactly what sales reps are doing and how they are engaging buyers gives sales leaders and managers the insight to coach and guide more wins. That’s the power of Sales AI.

Separate solutions or seamless package

Beyond sales enablement with revenue AI

Accent combines the best of sales enablement with buyer engagement AI to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive Revenue Enablement platform.

"The best sales enablement solution in the industry. [Accent] goes above and beyond to service our needs."

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