AI-driven Revenue Enablement

AI-Driven Revenue Enablement

Separate Solutions. A Seamless Platform.

A Platform That Grows With You

Accent aligns revenue supporting teams around the right information and a shared sense of purpose–to produce more revenue. We provide a supportive launchpad into sales enablement, as well as a life-long partner to grow and sophisticate your revenue operations.

Comprehensive Content Management

Give your teams fast, easy access to the content they need. Lots of automation makes setup and updating super-efficient. Personalization lets reps create highly tailored content. Sharing with buyer portals brings incredible visibility.

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AI-assisted guided selling

Go beyond just content by giving reps the visibility and guidance they need to focus on the right deals, share the right content, take the best next steps, and never miss a follow-up.

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Incredible insights for sales management

Sales leaders and managers gain incredible insight. Seller performance, opportunity and pipeline health, and forecast accuracy are just some of the key areas.

All of the visibility and insight they always wanted, but never got. Until now.

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Sales and buyer engagement data subscription service

A complete set of your buyer-seller interactions auto-captured, refined, and scored. Use the built-in dashboards, or BI tools like Tableau and Power BI, or even Excel to analyze and visualize the most complete buyer engagement data set available.

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The most powerful Revenue Enablement platform is powered by AI

Accent combines world class content management with AI-driven guided selling to deliver the world’s most powerful revenue enablement platform.

"The best sales enablement solution in the industry. [Accent] goes above and beyond to service our needs."

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