AI-driven Revenue Enablement

The new sales enablement powered by AI

The World's Most Powerful Sales enablement

The right content and guidance at the right time

The technology is the difference

Why do so many top companies choose Accent? It’s the technology.  Accent delivers the visibility and insight into what content is used and how it engages buyers like no other platform.

Now you can create more of the right content, align your teams,  and deliver relevant content to buyers that is more likely to move the deal forward. It’s that simple.

All sales resources at your fingertips

Imagine one easy place to go for any sales resource. No more calls to marketing. No more archeological digs into the  network drive, SharePoint, or Dropbox. Just easy.

Powerful search delivers in seconds

Actually in sub-seconds. Find the sales content you need really fast with Google-like speed and relevance. No more hunting and digging through folders and files. Just what you need—fast.

Access your content from anywhere

Anywhere or any device. From your web browser app, CRM, Office applications, or intranet. Mobile smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop—you name it.

Personalize your content with ease

Easily tailor and personalize your content for buyers. Collaborate with others, share and joint-edit documents, and deliver relevant materials that make you truly standout.

Share your content and track your buyer responses

Share your content with buyers via private portals that make viewing and consuming your content a snap. And the best thing—you’ll know exactly when and what your buyers are doing with your content.

Separate solutions or seamless package

The most powerful Sales Enablement platform is powered by AI

Accent combines world class content management with AI-driven guided selling to deliver the world’s most powerful sales enablement platform.

"The best sales enablement solution in the industry. [Accent] goes above and beyond to service our needs."

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