Drive revenue
team productivity.

Deliver the right content, training, and coaching and get complete visibility into your team’s performance. See what’s happening in each deal and get the insights you need to win more often. All in one platform.

The best technology available

An AI Platform that drives revenue generation.

Accent Technologies gives teams the best revenue enablement AI technology to surface the right content, make the right suggestions and give teams the insights they need to move your deals forward.

Manage Content

Manage and deliver content with precision. Make the right recommendations for the situation so you can quickly personalize and share content with ease.

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Custom Knowledgebase

Get real-time answers to questions with your Custom ChatGPT Knowledgebase, and powerful content generation is now at your fingertips.

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Guided Sales

Great recommendations on priorities and next steps. The Accent AI Assistant acts as a sales coach to help you take action and push deals forward to sell more.

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Train & Coach

Pitch practice and learning paths help entire teams get up to speed quickly. Real-time, AI-driven coaching boosts rep and team performance.

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New Product

Your Own Custom ChatGPT Knowledgebase

Your Custom ChatGPT knowledgebase knows your company, your products and services and answers detailed questions in a flash. Even inexperienced team members are more effective right away. And its content generation is amazing for marketing.

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What our customers say

“We wanted the best technology so we chose Accent”

“Accent has been the best sales enablement partner you could find.”

“Accent makes a big difference with our revenue teams”

Accent solutions

Revenue Enablement for all your customer-facing teams

Check out some of the use cases that Accent Technologies solved for revenue teams. These are just examples. We’d love to talk to you about your specific use cases and how we can help you address them.

Why Accent?

The best technology… and the best service. Period.

Everybody says that. True. But Accent delivers on it. We obsess about delivering the most advanced technology—which now means AI, content personalization, next-step recommendations, visibility and analysis into deal health, pipeline, forecasting—anything that helps you increase revenue. And you provide great service too? Yup. Check us out.

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