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Accent Technologies - Sales Enablement software for your desktop and mobile devices

Sales enablement that accelerates sales productivity

The tools, resources and visibility for sales reps to sell smarter, faster, better. A complete sales enablement solution for sales, marketing and sales management—all working together for stronger sales execution. Watch the video

Fast, central access

Access all your sales and marketing content, resources, tools and opportunities from anywhere or any device.

Clearer sales pictures

Visibility into opportunity health, buyer engagement and sales activities combine to give a super clear picture of sales situations.

More buyer impact

Using simple tools, reps can quickly create personalized materials, connect with buyers and build relationships faster.

Smarter selling decisions

Analytics-driven coaching and next-step recommendations guide reps in making the right decisions to move deals forward.

Better alignment

Through one central platform for sales and marketing, your teams can align, coordinate and collaborate to win more deals.

Simpler management

Powerful automation and management tools help sales and marketing teams easily manage opportunities and sales resources.

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Sales enablement tools that deliver

More selling time

We save reps 26% of the time they spend (on average) gathering resources to give buyers. That’s 10% more selling time for reps (4 hours per week).

Better buying experience

Reps share, collaborate and track buyer responses via portals—allowing faster responses and a better buying experience. Buying experience rates as the number one concern for B2B buyers.

Faster response

Reps respond 5X faster (on average) to buyer requests with personalized materials. Reps can respond to more (about 20 versus 4) inquiries with relevant information in the same time.

Greater marketing ROI

Use of marketing content by sales reps increases 62% (on average) with greater access and teamwork. “Marketing teams play a critical role in the sales process – but we have to put them in the game.”
more selling time, faster responses, increased content usage, and a better buyer experience for more effective sales
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Everything teams need to sharpen sales execution



Don’t let out of office time slow your sales. Keep sales moving forward from anywhere or any device through instant access to resources and information.



Powerful analytics drive resource recommendations, coaching and sales plays to guide your sellers to greater sales productivity.

sales tools


Easily add capabilities and expand with add-on modules that target specific needs. Modules snap into place whenever you’re ready.

marketing tools


Integrate with CRM, marketing automation, repositories and other systems to create a complete sales enablement ecosystem.
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