Sales Enablement Teams

Sales Enablement: Everything Teams Need to Succeed

Give your sales enablement teams the critical resources, data and insights they need to succeed, from onboarding to high-performance selling—all in one platform.

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Everything you need

One-stop for sales resources, tools & support

Data science and AI deliver the critical resources, customer data, and performance insights your revenue-responsible teams need to succeed.

Fast access to content

Arm revenue teams with the right content from anywhere [CRM, Outlook, Mobile, or Web]. Intelligent recommendations deliver the right content at just the right time.

Custom ChatGPT knowledgebase

The knowledgebase knows about your products and services—just ask questions and get great answers. Create new content, translate to different languages, or even create training lessons.

Easy content personalization

Create dynamic documents that let teams quickly personalize content for buyers in seconds using a wizard approach. Answer a few questions, and… done.

Great content suggestions

Content surfaces based on the sales situation. Your AI Assistant intelligently locates relevant content and delivers the right content to move deals forward.

Guide reps to more wins

Help reps prioritize actions, get next steps with intelligent, AI-assisted guidance and insights. Give them the completive edge they need to win more deals.

See what content is working

Content performance analytics

Excellent visibility for sales enablement teams into how content is performing. Which buyer personas and how do they respond? Roll-up views and content performance scorecards bring incredible insight.


Team readiness

Learning, Training & Coaching

Your teams get the learning, training and coaching to become razor sharp reps. Learning paths, certifications, pitch-practice and feedback—all in one platform.

Customer reviews

Don’t just take our word for it.

“As easy as online shopping is, now you can access and create presentations from your entire library of slides.”

Financial Services Mid Market

“As an admin, Accent has made my life immensely easier. With Accent, I can manage my sales enablement materials effectively and keep my teams on-brand.”

Large Enterprise Company

“Accent has allowed us to put tools into the hands of sales. As marketers, it allows us to have more time for innovation.”

S&P 500 Financial Services Company


Up-to-speed faster

Onboarding Finally Gets Easier

Know which deals are truly healthy—and which ones are full of hot air. Know if you have enough healthy opportunities in each stage to hit your numbers—in time to do something about it.


Better activity visibility

Auto-capture activity data

AI automates time-consuming CRM data entry for sales enablement teams. All buyer-facing activities—emails, calls, and meetings—are automatically captured. No change in behavior is needed. Adoption is built-in.

Access from Anywhere

We have lots of integrations and plug-ins so your sales team can use Accent solutions from anywhere they want to work—anytime.


Mobile access

Yes, you get this on mobile too!

Our natively written mobile apps give you access for sales teams while on the road.