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Sales Teams: Unleash Sales Team Performance

Give your Team the right training, guidance, coaching, and content at the right time to unlock their potential and drive performance. Reps get the help they need to succeed, and managers get the visibility to manage more effectively.

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Win more deals

The best technology and AI for reps and leaders.

Better technology means competitive advantage. Guide reps with the right content and next steps and give leaders the visibility insights they need to coach more effectively and manage pipeline and forecasting with more precision.

Guide reps to more wins

Help reps prioritize actions, get next steps with intelligent content recommendations. AI-assisted guidance and insights give them the edge they need to win more deals.

Custom ChatGPT knowledgebase

Your Sales AI Assistant knows everything about your products and services—and how they stack up against competitors. It even helps you differentiate and win. Just ask and get the answers you need.

Writes emails for buyers

Your AI Chat Assistant is not as smart as ChatGPT—it’s smarter! It knows you and your buyers and can help you write on-target emails and create personalized content that directly fit your buyer’s needs.

Prioritizes follow-up actions

Your AI Assistant prioritizes follow-up actions, saving tops of time planning. The AI has the data and insights to know which buyers to follow-up with and when.

Great content suggestions

Content surfaces based on the sales situation. Your AI Assistant intelligently locates relevant content and delivers the right content to move deals forward.

Better activity visibility

Auto-captures activity data

Sales AI captures all seller-buyer activities—emails, calls, and meetings. Reps and leaders get a complete picture of each sales situation to make better decisions to push more deals forward.

Deal health visibility

Clearly See Sales Situations

Sales AI creates a dynamic picture of each account and opportunity—giving reps and managers a clear picture of the health and risks that need to be addressed.

Customer reviews

Don’t just take our word for it.

“As easy as online shopping is, now you can access and create presentations from your entire library of slides.”

Financial Services Mid Market

“As an admin, Accent has made my life immensely easier. With Accent, I can manage my sales enablement materials effectively and keep my teams on-brand.”

Large Enterprise Company

“Accent has allowed us to put tools into the hands of sales. As marketers, it allows us to have more time for innovation.”

S&P 500 Financial Services Company

Better pipeline visibility

Know the True Health of Your Pipeline

Know which deals are truly healthy—and which ones are full of hot air. Know if you have enough healthy opportunities in each stage to hit your numbers—in time to do something about it.

Better forecasting

Improve Your Forecast Accuracy

Data-backed forecasting let you see which deals are likely to close and should be included in your quarterly forecast. Avoid the quarter-end embarrassment. Just the facts—skip the stories.

Access from Anywhere

We have lots of integrations and plug-ins so your sales team can use Accent solutions from anywhere they want to work—anytime.

Mobile access

Yes, you get this on mobile too!

Our natively written mobile apps give you access for sales teams while on the road.