Marketing Teams

Marketing Teams: Crush Your Productivity Goals

Centralize, manage, and generate content with control and flexibility for your marketing teams. Automate updates and workflows to help small teams do the work of many. Use AI to scale personalization and content guidance. Get usage and effectiveness data to show marketing’s contribution to revenue.

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Marketing control & insight

Content control, visibility, and insight.

Marketing teams can manage with precision and see exactly what’s happening with content usage and effectiveness. Detailed reporting and analytics, combined with the latest AI, give your team unprecedented views.

Centralize & manage

All your content in one place so you can manage and deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Easy to get started, easy to update, and easy to deliver. Small teams can manage huge amounts of content very efficiently.

Custom ChatGPT Knowledgebase

All the knowledge and power of ChatGPT plus the knowledge of your business. It knows your company, your products, your services, your industry—anything you need it to know. Now, just ask a question, and get the answer.

Generate new content with AI

The Marketing AI Assistant knows how to write—really, really well. And, it knows about your products, your services and your differentiators. It helps you generate content for any segment, or any persona—super-fast.

Translate content to any language

You need that datasheet in Spanish? No problem. German, here you go. Your Marketing AI Assistant uses ChatGPT AI technology to easily translate your content into any language in seconds.

Automate, automate, automate

We give you tons of ways to automate and make your life better. Automate imports from other repositories. Automate updates to reduce staff hours and remove human error. Automate document tagging, summarization. Automate creation. Just getting started.

Connect with more buyers

Easy to personalize content

Personalize content for specific buyers and situations. Examples: one-click personalization for fast easy sharing, or Dynamic Document wizards that build hyper-personalized materials in seconds.

Data Subscription

Great content recommendations

Our content recommendations are the best in the business. They are powered by AI which analyzes the selling situation to give the best possible content across huge libraries of materials.

See exactly what’s working

Content performance analytics

Great visibility into how content is performing. Which buyer personas and how they respond. Roll-up views and content performance scorecards bring incredible insight.

Customer reviews

Don’t just take our word for it.

“As easy as online shopping is, now you can access and create presentations from your entire library of slides.”

Financial Services Mid Market

“As an admin, Accent has made my life immensely easier. With Accent, I can manage my sales enablement materials effectively and keep my teams on-brand.”

Large Enterprise Company

“Accent has allowed us to put tools into the hands of sales. As marketers, it allows us to have more time for innovation.”

S&P 500 Financial Services Company

Access from Anywhere

We have lots of integrations and plug-ins so your marketing teams can use Accent solutions from anywhere they want to work—anytime.

Mobile access

Yes, you get this on mobile too!

Our natively written mobile apps give you access for marketing teams while on the road.