Sales Management

Sales Management

Drive Your Team to Higher Sales Performance

Great visibility and insight into every aspect of your selling motion through our sales management: seller performance, deal and pipeline health, and forecast accuracy—with recommendations for improving every aspect.

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Accent Manage

Get a clear picture of your selling performance

Seller & team performance

See team activity levels and effectiveness in moving deals forward. Great visuals, scorecards and insights included.

Account & opportunity health

Know the true health of your accounts and opportunities. The sales AI collects activity data, refines and scores every deal daily.

Pipeline and forecasting

Your pipeline is only as good as the deals in it. Get the facts so you know true pipeline health and increase forecast accuracy.

Accent Manage Highlights

Sales Management key capabilities

Accent sales management shows you exactly what’s going on in your selling motion and gives you the insights and recommendations to dramatically improve. ChatGPT AI sifts through the data gathering insights and driving next step recommendations for you, but you guide the ship.

See team performance

Know exactly how your team is performing—at the individual, team, and organization levels. See activities all the way through to effectiveness and results. See why top reps succeed and other reps struggle.

Get the insights to improve

Great data collection and thorough analysis with ChatGPT AI surfaces clear areas for improvement at all levels: rep, team and organization. Insights for all areas including pipeline and forecasting.

Automate your coaching

Accent Assist AI acts like a sales coach by giving reps recommendations based on your selling approach and process. Accent Assist AI can even adopt coaching personalities to motivate and push your team.

Improve your pipeline health

Know the difference between healthy and unhealthy deals. Your pipeline visibility and health improves dramatically as your team focuses on the right deals and wastes less time on bad deals.

Increase your forecast accuracy

The bottom line—you improve your forecast accuracy and make the adjustments needed to reach your number. Remove the crap and focus on the right stuff.


Example: Crystal-clear visibility that will truly dazzle!

Get great visualizations of your accounts and sales deals. Accent sales management dashboards tell you who’s engaged and the overall health of each deal.


Accent Manage: Mobile

Manage your team from your mobile device!

You can effectively see performance and manage your team while on the road.

Access from Anywhere

We have lots of integrations and plug-ins so your team can use Accent solutions and get the benefits anywhere you work—anytime.