Custom ChatGPT Knowledgebase

Custom ChatGPT Solution

Give Teams the Best AI Available.

Your own ChatGPT knowledgebase that answers detailed questions about your products, services, accounts, opportunities, pipeline—even with detailed recommendations for next steps and improvement. And for content generation—it’s amazing.

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Accent Assist

Custom ChatGPT

Answers details questions

Your Custom ChatGPT Knowledgebase knows your company, products, services and answers detailed questions anytime.

Generates content in a flash

Create new content or modify for different personas or segments. Translate to any language in seconds. It’s amazing.

Improves your sales

Knows your customer accounts and sales opportunities and helps with emails, email campaigns, next steps—you name it.

Accent Assist Highlights

ChatGPT Knowledgebase key capabilities

Accent Assist with ChatGPT AI answers detailed questions about your company, products, services—anything. It helps generate content and messaging in amazing ways. It’s like have all your experts in one room to help with anything you need.

Knows your business

All the knowledge and power of ChatGPT plus the knowledge of your business. It knows your company, your products, your services, your competitors, your industry… and anything else you need it to know.

Answers detailed questions

Ask a question, you get the answer. It’s that simple. No implementation needed, almost no training, no big rollout. Just an incredibly smart assistant that answers questions about your business.

Creates great content

Your Chat Assistant is even smarter than ChatGPT It knows you and your buyers and can help you write on-target emails and create great content for any situation. And it translates content to any language!

Makes onboarding easier

New team members have a super-smart customized ChatGPT assistant looking over their shoulder—answering questions and guiding them on the right path. Real-time coaching on your process, your products, your opportunities—you name it.

Helps sales increase revenue

Your Sales Assistant will tell you anything you want to know about your deals. It’s loaded with all the information abouts your customer accounts and sales opportunities—and it gives great recommendation.


Simple and easy to use

Teams will find it incredibly easy to use. It’s just like ChatGPT, only smarter. It knows all about your company and products and answers questions in a friendly way.

By the numbers.


Average time savings for teams locating and creating materials


Return on investment for revenue enablement teams


Increase in sales and buyer activity data capture and visibility

Set your team up for success

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Accent Assist—Custom ChatGPT Knowledgebase

Security? Yes, your data is completely secure.

Your data is stored in a completely secure knowledgebase. It’s protected completely from outside viewing.

Work where you’re comfortable

Access from Anywhere

We have lots of integrations and plug-ins so your team can use Accent solutions and get the benefit of learning and coaching from anywhere they work—anytime.