Platform Overview

A Purpose-Built Platform
To Grow Your Revenue

Our platform is specifically designed to power your revenue enablement. It’s an enterprise-strength, scalable platform that connects with your systems and drives the sharing of data and content across your revenue teams.

Platform Highlights

Accent Platform Key Components

Accent’s Revenue Enablement Platform has the most extensive capabilities of any. It contains all the key features for revenue enablement letting you consolidate and reduce costs.

ChatGPT AI Assistant

Accent Assist is amazing for content generation—and it answers detailed questions about your products, services, accounts, opportunities, pipeline—you name it.

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Sales Content Management

Centralize, manage, and deliver content at the right time. Easy to get started, easy to update, and easy to deliver. Help teams find, personalize, and share relevant materials in moments.

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Guided Selling

Accent’ Guided Selling with ChatGPT AI helps you focus on the right deals and the right buyers. It prioritizes opportunities, recommends next steps, and suggests the right content. AI-assisted insights help you win more deals.

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Training & Readiness

Learning, training and coaching your teams need—from onboarding to high-performance account and deal management. Onboarding programs, certifications, pitch-practice and feedback—all in one platform.

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Performance Management

Great visibility and insight into every aspect of your selling motion: seller performance, deal and pipeline health, and forecast accuracy—with recommendations for improving every aspect.

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Analytics Engine

The Synthesis Analytics Engine is the only purpose-built AI Engine in the industry. It drives the AI and analytics in the Accent Platform and sets Accent apart from any other enablement provider.

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Scalable design

Enterprise enablement

Our platform can meet the demands of one team to start, and then easily scale to meet the demands of your entire enterprise.



Unique customizations

Most organization have unique needs. Our platform is specifically designed to meet your needs. It easily extends with configuration and even customizations without losing the benefits rapid development.


Data sharing

Connect to your systems

Speed to business value is critical with any tech deployment. That’s why we designed our platform to quickly connect to your critical systems.


Systems working together

Designed for integration

Accent’s platform makes it easy to integrate with other systems. Open APIs and built-in connectors allow you to easily extend your revenue enablement technology.


Pull it together

Data & content consolidation

Accent makes it easy to integrate with other systems. Open APIs and built-in connectors can easily extend your revenue enablement technology.