See the Shark in the Water


See the Shark in the Water


We hear a lot about analytics or artificial intelligence. But the question I have is, can you see it? Do you know what it feels like when you ACTUALLY see it?

I equate the feeling to an experience I had this past weekend while surfing with a friend in Satellite Beach, Florida. We were minding our own business waiting for the waves to come in, when suddenly a spinner shark breached the surface of the water in full spinning mode. Picture a 4-5 foot (1-2 meter) shark jumping out of the water and spinning about 5 times. What a sight to see!

The spinner shark was about 12-15 feet (4+ meters) away from us. After the shock passed, we began to contemplate: should we get out of the water? We looked at each other and said “wow, that was cool,” and decided to keep surfing.

Now picture yourself in the water with a shark VERY close and you can feel the vulnerability you experience with a new level of visibility. Yes, it was a bit scary, and it was definitely on our minds as we kept surfing, but being face to face with the dangers of the water made us more alert and conscious to pay attention to the water around us and not just the waves.

Seeing the shark in the water, is like finally experiencing the visualizations in CRM for all the things that analytics companies claim. Accent Technologies brings this new level of visibility, supercharging you CRM, so the reps can be more productive and effective. This level of visibility lets the reps and the managers quickly assess what is going on without sifting through spreadsheets or lines of data trying to filter and figure out what has changed on the opportunity from the last time they spoke. It allows you to see activities and the effectiveness of those activities.

This is important for several reasons:

  • Analytics or business intelligence typically rely on historical data that is stored in CRM. Accent leverages historical data but without requiring any additional data entry by the rep, it adds additional components like company specific standards that drive the desired behavior of the business. This allows the reps to go after what the business decides are attractive opportunities and is always delivered real time.
  • Additionally, our smart digital assistant, gets the reps aligned with the right activities and visualizations that help move those opportunities to the next step.
  • Powered by intelligent analytics, Accent delivers more accurate forecasts helping prioritize the right opportunities at the right time for better forecast accuracy. Algorithms based on different model types allow for the system to learn what is an ideal opportunity, what activities are most effective and visually representing what is happening in real time.

By Accent Technologies

30th November 2017