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The Most Powerful Sales Enablement Software Available

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Data-driven sales enablement that increases sales productivity

Accelerate acts like a smart assistant. It brings great visibility to sales situations and suggests where to prioritize and what to do next. It guides reps to be better reps, and helps managers to be better managers. In short, it pushes productivity to the next level.

Better visibility into sales situations

Data-driven visualizations enable faster understanding of sales opportunities, allowing greater insight, strategy and next steps.
  • Creatively visualize your sales activity and CRM data to help reps and managers more clearly understand complex sales situations
  • Instantly surface the best pipeline opportunities, prioritize tasks and receive guidance on next steps that will drive each deal forward
  • Centralize and respond to all buyer communications and reactions, via our live update feed within your CRM
  • Provide real-time coaching tips within the opportunity record in your CRM
Image showing the interface of one of Accent Accelerate's reports that give insight into sales activity and content performance
Icon signaling automatic data entry and syncing between systems so that your reps can do less and sell more

Less CRM data entry—
more selling time

Reps are highly paid professionals—not data entry clerks. Reps should not work for their CRM, the CRM should work for the reps. Automate it.
  • Capture and collect sales email and calendar activity automatically within your CRM, without changing any rep behaviour
  • Get more out of your large investment in your CRM
  • Run more accurate reporting of sales effectiveness due to true activity visibility

Proactive selling guidance

Keep reps on the right path with real-time tracking of buyer activity, next step suggestions and follow-up reminders.
  • Guide reps to the finish line through automatic coaching recommendations, sales plays, dynamic opportunity scoring and more
  • Stand out from competitors by improving the buying experience with buyer portals, content personalization wizards and real-time engagement metrics
  • Improve win rates by collaborating and coaching on specific opportunities within centralized “Buyer Rooms”
Screen showing how Accent provides guided selling and intelligent sales recommendations directly from within salesforce or CRM
Icon of a content folder signaling how Accent provides fingertip access to sales collateral

Content at your fingertips

Content should find the rep. Easy access to content from anywhere—mobile, CRM, Web, Outlook, PowerPoint and desktop.
  • Centralize all sales resources, content, tools, data, buyer insights and more all in one mobile-friendly platform for quick access anywhere
  • Quickly assemble personalized presentations and collateral to have greater impact with buyers
  • Serve in-context micro training content to ensure sales reps can take best course of action
  • Map marketing materials to buyer personas, verticals, company size and more and make real-time content recommendations for reps to use
Icon signaling that Accent Present, Accent Connect and Accent Accelerate solutions are next-level sales enablement solutions that will let you start simple and scale your solution with your teams growing needs

Next-level sales enablement

The pinnacle of Accent’s sales enablement solution, Accelerate builds on all the functionality and features available in Accent Connect and Present to provide teams with the ultimate selling tool.

It’s time to make your sales reps happy.

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