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The best sales content management in the sales enablement industry

All the tools to centralize, manage, and deliver content with absolute precision.

Easy access to content from anywhere

Centralize content and deliver with precision. Give reps access to content from wherever they work—mobile, CRM, Outlook, Web, or desktop.
  • Centralize all your sales-focused marketing content into one cloud-accessible, mobile-friendly sales enablement platform, with zero file or size restrictions
  • Gain control over the use of sales collateral with diverse compliance-based business rules, access controls and workflows
  • Integrate seamlessly with marketing automation software, news feeds, online meeting systems, CRMs or any other API
  • Automatically tag content text and meta data during upload, giving reps quicker access via search
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Personalize content for buyers

Deliver content with One-Click Personalization™. Create tailored materials quickly and easily to connect with buyers and move deals forward.
  • Build tailored presentations and collateral for buyers in minutes, not hours, through our Dynamic Docs feature
  • Create content that is more relevant to individual buyers, that address their unique needs
  • Create persona-based sales materials that can reinforce value propositions across the buying team

Share content and track buyer responses

Share through private buyer portals and track all buyer activity. Real-time alerts let reps catch buyers in their moment of interest.
  • Provide buyers easy access to presentations, product collateral, RFPs, contracts and more via microsites that can be shared with the rest of the buying team
  • Track buyer engagement metrics such as content views, time spent viewing and team sharing, using real-time alerts to keep reps on top of every deal
  • Know the exact moment a buyer shows interest or key buying signals through real-time notifications and online status indicator
  • Sales rep can focus on the right opportunities by easily identifying the buyers who are most engaged
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Manage content with incredible efficiency

Easy setup and maintenance help marketing teams manage content and deliver with precision. Update automation help teams update one resource and propagate everywhere it’s used.
  • Update content in a fraction of the time through single source and component level updates that connect straight to the data source
  • Map marketing materials to buyer personas, verticals, company size and more and make real-time content recommendations for reps to use
  • Easy drag-and-drop library administration functionality
  • Reps can build presentations right in Microsoft PowerPoint, using pre-approved slides in your content library, via our PowerPoint plugin

Visibility into content performance

Deep analytics give you visibility into exactly how content is used and how buyers respond, and what content moves deals forward.
  • See which content is being used most and least often by sales teams
  • View which content is most popular with buyers, right down to the seconds spent looking at individual slides or pages
  • Identify which content is most associated with wins and other sales stage progress
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Grow sales enablement

Accent’s products build on each other, meaning Accent Connect has all the features and functionality of Accent Present already built in! When you’re ready to scale to Accent Accelerate, you’ll get tons of great new sales asset management features that build on Connect and Present’s foundation.

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