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The Most Powerful Presentation Management Software on the planet

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Presentations are the most used sales content— a sales enablement secret weapon

Turn your collection of PowerPoint slides into a searchable knowledgebase—giving sales a quick and easy way to find, build, share and track high-impact presentations.

Find the right presentations and slides quickly

Quickly find the slides and presentations to present to buyers. The powerful search let’s you search by topic, slide title, or any word or phrase in any slide.
  • Simplify and streamline your process for organizing, updating and accessing PowerPoint presentation materials
  • Centralize everything into one cloud-accessible, mobile-friendly platform
  • Update presentations in a fraction of the time using automation
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Personalize easily for buyers

Choose your topic and build presentations on-the-fly—letting you choose what how much detail you want to include.
  • Sales reps can use drag-and-drop functionality to pull slides from multiple presentations
  • Make presentations more relevent without spending time building tailored presentations from scratch
  • Ensure quality messaging is being used through version control, access permissions, branding  control, automatic expirations and more

Share presentations and track buyer responses

Present your slides from mobile or web with the easy screen sharing option, or share your slides via private portals and track exactly what your buyers are viewing in real time.
  • Personalized buyer microsites make it easy for buyers to find, view, share and collaborate on your presentations
  • Respond faster to opportunities with quick access to the files, presentations and personalization tools reps need to sell effectively
  • Gain insight into what’s working with buyers by tracking details right down to the seconds buyers spend looking at each slide
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Update presentations and slides across the board

Powerful update automation lets marketing update a master slide and it propagates to all presentations across the library. Incredible efficiency.

Visibility into presentation performance

Deep analytics give you visibility into exactly how slides are used and how buyers respond, and what presentations draw the most interest.
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Grow sales enablement

Accent Present forms the foundation of Accent’s suite of sales enablement solutions. When you upgrade to Connect or Accelerate, all of Present’s features and functionality are already built in.

Who said presentation management has to suck?

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