A big step to better buyer engagements

Simplify presentation management.

Easily create quality presentations.

Drive effective buyer engagements.

Improve execution through visibility.

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Presentation management —

a sales enablement secret weapon

Put your sales presentations at the fingertips of your reps by turning your collection of PowerPoint slides, images and video files into a searchable knowledgebase—giving sales and marketing teams a quick and easy way to find, build, share and track high-impact presentations. Start the journey toward full sales enablement today.

Simplify the way you manage presentations

Accent Present transforms presentation management into a simple, streamlined process for organizing, updating and accessing presentation materials—a strong step toward sales enablement.
  • Centralize everything into one cloud-accessible, mobile-friendly platform
  • Update presentations in a fraction of the time using automation
  • Ensure proper use through version control, access permissions, brand and messaging control, automatic expirations and more
  • Run real-time reports on content usage, buyer engagement, sales activity and more so you can identify best practices and improve ROI
presentation management software

Create impactful presentations without the effort

Sales reps can drastically cut down on the time wasted locating and building sales presentations while boosting presentation quality.
  • Find any slide or presentation in seconds through Present’s fast thumbnail viewing and advanced search functionality
  • Use drag-and-drop functionality to pull slides from multiple presentations
  • Add a personal touch without having to spend time building tailored presentations from scratch
  • Share and track presentations directly from Present—no need to switch over to email or deal with attachment file size restrictions

Accent PowerSearch: Find PPT slides in seconds. Get the FREE plug-in.

Drive effective buyer engagements every time

Great buying experiences are crucial to winning deals, so differentiate with fast, personalized, quality presentations.
  • Send presentations through personalized buyer portals that make it easy for buyers to find, view, share and collaborate on your presentations
  • Gain insight into what’s working with buyers by tracking details right down to the seconds buyers spend looking at each slide or page
  • Respond faster to opportunities with quick access to the files, presentations and personalization tools reps need to sell effectively
  • Easily identify best the presentations based on past performance metrics

Grow sales enablement

Accent Present forms the foundation of Accent’s suite of sales enablement solutions. When you upgrade to Connect or Accelerate, all of Present’s features and functionality are already built in.

Who said presentation management has to suck?

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