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How Enterprise ChatGPT Just Transformed Boring Sales Enablement Forever

Remember when Sales Enablement primarily meant collecting and creating the critical content that sales and other customer-facing teams needed to engage with prospects and customers? And then making those materials easily shareable with buyers? Sure, there are some other useful capabilities in Sales Enablement platforms, but that was the main stuff—the key pain points about all sales enablement providers solved. And that’s the way the big analysts saw it—Gartner, Forrester, et al.

And searching was the key thing—the main feature most people used to get to the right content. Search, Click, click, click, search, click. Remember that?

Yeah, well… that was last year. When Open AI released ChatGPT in November 2022—everything changed—and quickly. Now, things are different. No more search, click, click, click, or at least, much less of it.

So, let’s take a look at how things have changed and what it means for Sales Enablement providers and customers. The good news—things are getting a lot more interesting from both a technology and value delivery standpoint. In short, sales and revenue teams will feel a lot more “Enabled” than ever before—in big ways.

How things are different now in Sales Enablement

What’s happened is that Large Language Models like Open AI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard have fundamentally changed the way we deal with information. We used to have to curate and store documents, videos and other content and provide good search tools, mainly based on keyword searching [words in the content] to locate the information we needed. Just like consumers use Google to locate information, in the Sales Enablement world, we would work to find the information to convey or share with buyers. Search, click, click, search.

Now, users simply ask a question and get the answer. The question might be about a product, or service, or about your industry, or competitive differentiators—you name it. The answer might include links to recommended content, or even ways to approach the buyer. The answer could include a well written email to a buyer, personalized based on the sales situation. It might even include a PowerPoint deck created specifically for your next meeting —completely personalized and in your correct template.

And in more detail....

And the information used by the AI to compose the answer might be pulled from multiple documents or videos. It reaches across your entire knowledge base of information to find the best parts of the best content to use to create the answer or resulting output. It’s like having all the experts from your organization in one room where you can ask them any question 24/7.

Sound a little “Too good to be true?” Nope. Not anymore.

It’s amazing stuff. All made possible by this new generative AI, and the creation of what’s called a custom knowledgebase.

It starts with a custom ChatGPT AI knowledgebase

It you have an existing Sales Enablement library we extend it with a custom knowledgebase that contains all the information in your library—or the parts you want to include. If you don’t have a library, we create a knowledge base for you by letting you add the critical content and information you want.

Now your team gets access to the best customer-facing knowledge in your organization. By customer-facing, I mean it serves the same basic purpose of your sales enablement library, but makes access to information much, much faster and easier. Okay, it revolutionizes access and repurposing information.

How it works…

It’s pretty simple—at least on the surface. We use all the power of ChatGPT—the 570GB of text data it’s trained on, it’s ability to generate text, summarize documents, translate content to different languages—all those great capabilities. Then we create your custom knowledgebase completely separately for security.

When users ask a question in the ChatGPT-like interface, the system gathers the information from your knowledge base and uses that in combination with the large language model [i.e. ChatGPT] to produce the final result. It uses the best of your content knowledge along with the best AI available to provide the best sales enablement tool possible.

What can you do with your new knowledge base?

First, if you’ve used ChatGPT, you can use your new Custom Enterprise ChatGPT Knowledgebase [we’re working on the name]. You simply ask a question or make a request and get the result.

Now, what can you do about it? Where to start?

There are almost endless possibilities for marketing teams, sales teams, customer success and services teams—or, in short, revenue teams.

For Marketing teams

Marketing teams can generate content of all types right from your knowledge base. It already knows all about your company, product, services… so it can create product sheets, whitepapers, case studies, presentations, movie scripts, blog articles, social posts, emails campaigns—you name it. And it translates content to any language—more accurately than Google Translate. In fact, from our testing, it’s been super accurate in its translations—almost flawless.

It’s a great strategy tool. You can conduct brainstorming sessions for help with any aspect of marketing. Remember, you can leverage the power and knowledge of ChatGPT along with all the knowledge of your company, products, etc. It generates great ideas and helps you get going with strategy and execution plans.

For Sales teams

It answers any questions about your products, company, or services. No more waiting around for a subject matter expert to get back to you. It generates emails for follow-up, and even personalizes content for the buyer based on the sales situation. It researches buyers and companies, it helps you create meeting plans, generates personalized PowerPoint decks, and even recommends next steps for specific situations. It’s like having a great assistant [and coach] right there with you all the time helping you move deals forward.


I will stop here. But you get the point. All revenue teams benefit from this great new AI technology. And things are just warming up. Even more incredible things are on the near horizon.

I encourage you to investigate this Enterprise ChatGPT technology. It will enable teams to reach levels we just haven’t seen before.