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CEO Peter McChrystal Shares Accent’s Story at the Founders Forum

Each year, local businesses gather to celebrate a few of the area's most notable founders and entrepreneurs. This year, the Accent Technologies team was proud to rally in support of CEO Peter McChrystal in his nomination for the "Founder of the Year" title.

The Spacecoast Business wrote...

"Though he graduated from West Point Military Academy, the entrepreneurial drive that is at the core of Pete McChrystal couldn't be contained as an infantry officer during peace time. After six years in the army, McChrystal began a journey that eventually led to him creating one of the most successful SaaS (Software as a Service) companies in the sales enablement technology sector, Accent Technologies."

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Watch this video to hear Pete share Accent's humble beginnings, challenges that inspired his entrepreneurship, advice he heeded, and the values that carried them through hardship along the way.




Later in an address to the crowd, Pete wrote...

"Like the Founders Forum, our company has a long proud history in Brevard county. This area has so much to offer, and we’re so proud to be part of it.

As a matter of fact, I graduated from Satellite High School—but I won’t tell you what year!

Accent CEO Peter McChrystal is nominated for founders forum's Founder of the Year award 2019

We started our sales enablement company here back in 1990, and even though we now serve customers all over the world… I love this area, our clients love visiting this area, and I’m dedicated to keeping our headquarters in this beautiful little beach town.

I want to thank the Founders Forum for considering me for this prestigious award. I am honored. But I also want to thank my team for nominating me, and for all of the hard work they’ve contributed to make this happen. I am truly moved.

Thank you.”