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Accent Connect

Accent’s platform now integrates the power of the ChatGPT AI engine giving your team the most capable revenue enablement platform in the world.

Centralize Content and
Automate Updates 

Align your revenue teams and break down silos with a single source of truth. Manage all of your sales assets, streamline updates, automate workflows, and consolidate repository costs. Cut through chaos and start building confidence in your sales content.

Content Search

Google-like searching returns the right resources quickly. Search and find the right materials—pages, slides, documents, videos, training materials, people, email templates, web meetings—you name it.

Content Suggestions

Content surfaces based on the sales situation. AI intelligently locates relevant content and delivers the right content to move deals forward.

Access to content
from anywhere

Centralize content and deliver with precision. Give reps access to content from wherever they work—mobile, CRM, Outlook, Web, or desktop.

Personalize Content
for Buyers

Deliver tailored, personalized materials quickly and easily to connect with buyers and move deals forward. One-click personalization makes it super simple.

“Accent allowed us to save 17% of our sellers’ time searching for and preparing materials.”

Analog Devices

Share Content and
Track Buyer Responses

Share through private buyer portals and track all buyer activity. Real-time alerts let reps catch buyers in their moment of interest.

Amazing Visibility into
Content Performance

Great visibility into how content is performing. See what’s used, with which buyers, and how buyers respond. Roll-up views and content performance scorecards bring incredible insight.

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