An Automated and Effective Sales Activity Tracker

Which sales activities can be automatically tracked?

With CRM integration, everything tracked in the sales enablement software gets pushed to the CRM and vice versa for a complete 360 view, eliminating manual data entry.
Sales rep activities
Such as emails sent to buyers, meetings scheduled, office and cell phone calls made, sales presentations or content shared, and more
Buyer activities
Such as responses to sales rep emails, overall engagement levels and buyer sentiment, amount of time spent looking at or sharing content, and more
External business information
Such as changes in company size, promotions or title changes, moves to new locations, and more

What visibility does this give to sales management?

The extensive visibility into sales activity provided by Accent’s sales tracking software gives B2B sales teams improved coaching, planning, productivity and sales execution.
Detailed Activity Reports
Beyond the basic or time-consuming custom reports through CRM, Accent provides highly detailed reports that are quick and easy to create. More importantly, these reports are intuitive and can be applied to improve sales processes.
Pipeline and Opportunity Visualization
The level of data tracking combined with data visualization gives you complete visibility into the sales pipeline and the quality of individual opportunities, letting you know at a glance which opportunities are most likely to close.
Content Analytics
With Accent, marketing and sales teams can find out what content is working well, what content is failing to engage prospects and what content isn’t being used by sales at all. Sales reps can use this visibility to improve sales performance through higher quality sales materials.
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