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Staying in Touch with Your Buyer: 5 Practical Ways to Build Trust and Strengthen Relationships

There’s a common issue facing sales reps. According to SalesStaff, it takes an average of 5 to 12 contacts to make a sale, but sales reps still struggle to make those contacts on a regular basis.

Reps know that they need to contact their prospects more often, but finding the time to do it can be a challenge. According to Sirius Decisions, the typical sales rep only spends 18% of time interacting with prospects and customers. That’s only about 7 hours out of a regular work week for sales reps to communicate with all of their prospects.

On top of finding the time to initiate contact, the reps then need to know what to say or send to the potential buyers. Reps may spend 18% of their time interacting with buyers, but according to Aberdeen, they’re also spending up to 27% of their time just searching for information they can use to educate and enrich the sales pipeline. Yes, they are spending more time searching for things to say to customers than they are actually saying them. (more…)