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Are Your Sales Managers Coaching from the Locker Room?

Getting the activity-level visibility to manage effectively

Imagine a head football coach trying to run his football team. His main focus is to help his team improve and win games.

But this coach has some problems.

He has to coach from the locker room. He has no video of his team’s previous games to study. He can’t tell if his offensive linemen are making their blocks, and following their assignments—he just has to take their word for it. He can’t see which receivers are catching the ball and which are dropping easy passes. He has few statistics to review. No record of plays run. No assistant coaches in the press box giving him insight into the big picture. He waits in the locker room until he finds out whether his team won or lost—but he never really knows why.

Sound a little ridiculous? Like you might not want to coach under those circumstances?

Welcome to the world of many B2B sales managers and leaders.