How Integrated Marketing Solutions Spur Consensus In The Sales Process


How Integrated Marketing Solutions Spur Consensus In The Sales Process


Integrated marketing solutions, also referred to as, “integrated marketing communications” (IMC), appeared in marketing lingo in 1989. The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) defined IMC as, “an approach to achieving the objectives of a marketing campaign through a well-coordinated use of different promotional methods that are intended to reinforce each other.”

But we’re not huge fans of marketing jargon…

So what does that really mean? What are the ultimate goals of the integrated marketing approach?

  • To integrate your content marketing and sales process
  • To empower your marketing tactics and sales process with clarity, consistency and differentiating impact
  • To engage, educate and win the respect of the B2B buyer

Integrated marketing solutions get sales and marketing working together. (Finally.)

When your marketing department syncs up with your sales team, each party understands what the other needs. This opens the door to better content from marketing and better personalization, segmenting and targeting from sales.

Integrated marketing solutions provide the marketing resources you need to achieve sales enablement.

It’s not just about content. Collaboration and training are the foundation of the integrated approach. Establishing expertise and thought leadership is key to sales enablement. With the powerful marketing resources these solutions provide, your sales team is able to leverage (and become) subject matter experts in your specific industry. With sales demos (e.g., how to present pricing), your sales reps become sales stars. Your buyers learn from and, ultimately, buy from the best of the best.

Integrated marketing solutions make things simple through (you guessed it) integration.

All of your marketing resources are at your sales reps’ fingertips, so they’re able to get that prospect or client exactly what they need, when they need it. All of your content is organized and categorized according to the type of buyer it’s meant for, the buyer’s pains, the buyer’s stage in the buying process and the content’s format. It’s all about syncing your sales process with that buyer to get him comfortable with your business and seamlessly guide him through his buying process.

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By Accent Technologies

2nd October 2013