Scientific Sales Enablement: Breaking Down The Elements For Sales Reps


Scientific Sales Enablement: Breaking Down The Elements For Sales Reps


A lot of companies have a hard time wrapping their heads around sales enablement. This is because it’s not just one defined thing for one distinct group, but rather a working formula that fuses sales, marketing, management and even other departments into systematic alignment.

The OUTPUT is straightforward: sales success. However, the INPUTS are nuanced and multilayered: ranging from strategic practices, processes and procedures to technology tools such as CRM, marketing automation software, content management collaboration and more.

So, yes, sales enablement is a bit abstract and hard to grasp … until you break down the elements.

Let’s look at this kaleidoscopic formula through the sales team’s microscope. First, we’ll cover the three core variables under the sales umbrella, and then we’ll zoom in on each element in the compound.


Sales reps need planning tools that provide VISIBILITY across their pipeline and a clear, detailed picture of each opportunity. Visibility drives both ANALYSIS for effective sales strategy formulation and PRIORITIZATION for prudent time investment and resource allocation.


Today’s buyers want real-time responses and customized content. Reps need the right RESOURCES at their fingertips, plus a way to quickly tailor and personalize to each persona and pain point. They need GUIDANCE, coaching tips from management and easy access to subject matter experts (SMEs), plus seamless team COLLABORATION for strong value messaging and consistent branding.


Sales reps must execute all information DELIVERY with expeditious convenience and an appropriate, approachable tone. They need to engage buying teams with personalized IMPACT messages that provide a textured, rich-media experience and differentiate from the competition. They need INSIGHT into how buyers are responding to information they share – who’s opening, downloading and sharing what with whom.

Now, let’s dissect.

Our next three posts will break down each of those variables (planning, preparing and engaging) into their catalyzing elements. So stay tuned.

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By Accent Technologies

24th June 2014