Getting buyer attention: 3 ways to differentiate


Getting buyer attention: 3 ways to differentiate


A proven differentiation strategy helps you stand out from the competition.

Differentiation is one of the most (if not the most) critical tenets of sales enablement, execution and success. Yet...

  • Recent studies show that 75% of sales reps believe they’re differentiating, while only 3% of buyers agree.

This means that most buyers are less than excited about (and just plain unaware of) your differentiation, despite your sales team's convictions.

Sales differentiation that counts for  buyers

Here are three techniques that, with the right technology, can help make the difference.

1. Deliver a better buyer experience.

Share sales materials through buyer portals vs. traditional email. Give buyers one convenient location for all shared materials.

Buyers can view, download and share content. Reps can track buyer activity, leading to better follow-up.

  • Companies that use sales portals to share content with buyers (as opposed to email attachments) increase revenue by 28%.

    -Aberdeen Group

2. Personalize for greater impact.

Personalize your material based on the situation and each buyer's persona for relevancy and impact.

Automation helps reps assemble and personalize sales kits for each opportunity and buyer in minutes.

  • When B2B buyers don't see personalized value, they are over 3 times less likely to purchase.


3.    Respond faster to stay on the lead

Respond to buyers quickly. Every minute you wait is one more minute you give buyers to reach out to competitors, or lose focus to other pressing issues.

Real time buyer response tracking helps reps to respond quickly—catching buyers in their moment of interest.

  • Real-time engagement is about reacting instantly, following up on opportunities in seconds…

    -David Meerman Scott

    The New Rules of Sales and Service

By Accent Technologies

17th February 2015