Responsiveness in the Sales Process


Responsiveness in the Sales Process


Catch buyers in their moment of interest

One easy way to impact revenue is to improve the responsiveness of your sales team. This means responding right away to a buyer’s first expression of interest – and then sustaining those prompt responses throughout the buying process.

  • Real-time engagement is about reacting instantly, following up on opportunities in seconds.
    - David Meerman Scott, The New Rules of Sales and Service

THE TIME IS NOW: they’re here, they’re ready & they’re interested.

Real-time buyer response tracking helps reps catch buyers at that golden moment of interest.

This is the time when:

  • Accessibility is at its prime.

The buyer is right here, right now.

  • Pain points are acute.

The buyer is ready to carry-on a conversation now.

  • Agreeability shines.

The buyer sends signals of interest in moving the deal along.

Every minute a rep waits or hesitates is 60 additional seconds a buyer has to shift focus, lose interest, fall out of contact or approach competitors. With today’s B2B buyer, every second counts.

Know when buyers are here, ready & interested.

Sales Enablement technology unlocks real-time visibility into buyer actions.

  1. Reps get instant notifications when buyers perform critical actions (like downloading/sharing content, asking a question/posting a comment or visiting specific pages on material shared).
  2. Reps engage with the right buyers, at the right time.

More and more, the reps that pull ahead are using real-time visibility for quicker response rates as part of an overall better buyer experience.

By Accent Technologies

20th February 2015