10 sales tools your sales reps will thank you for


10 Sales Tools Your Sales Reps Will Thank You For


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, thankfulness is on everyone’s mind. We wanted to do our part to help spread that thankfulness to people who truly deserve it. For every social media share this blog post gets, we’ll donate $1 to charity, for up to $2,500. Fundraiser ends 12/18/15.

Read the post, share it with friends, buy your sales reps something nice from the list…everybody wins.

Every sales rep wants a way to make selling easier. We conducted an extensive survey consisting of Andrea, Dave and Chris over at the sales department to find out what tools and software sales reps think are “super cool” and “would totally use if someone bought this for me.” Here are the results:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator gives sales reps an easy way to find quality leads straight from their phone. A great way to take advantage of social selling


InsideView is an aggregated market intelligence tool that collects useful information on companies and contacts. With one click, reps get instant access to insight on their buyers—no manual research required.

Keurig Coffee Makers

Give your reps the gift of sweet, sweet caffeine in the form of single-serving coffee pods. After all, coffee is for closers.

Focus Booster

This app uses Pomodoro technique time tracking to help sales reps focus on the task at hand and not get distracted by non-selling activities.


For the traveling salesman, a clean bathroom can be hard to find. This site will let you know which bathrooms to seek out and which to avoid on your sales trips. A handy tool when the time is right.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a notetaking app (go figure) that makes it easy to keep track of sales information while on the go.

Boomerang Plugin

This free Chrome plugin lets sales reps easily schedule emails to be sent later, with integrated email reminders right within Gmail.


Salesgenie is a goldmine for sales leads. This database gives easy access to lists of leads with detailed profiles so that reps can target their prospects strategically.

Edigin Phone Recording

Ever hung up from a sales call and then kicked yourself for not writing down all the details? Edigin allows sales reps to automatically record their sales calls so that they can go back and listen for the important information.

CRM Data Automation Tools

With sales enablement software to automate CRM data collection and entry, reps can say goodbye to all that time spent on manual data entry. Capture every note, email, or call without lifting a finger.

Give your sales reps a gift that makes them happy AND productive this holiday season.

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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25th November 2015