Key ingredients for successful content selling [checklist]


Key ingredients for successful content selling [checklist]


In our previous content selling post, we discussed why marketers should focus less on content marketing and more on content selling. The obvious follow-up question is “Okay, how do I do that?”

We’d love to tell you.

First things first: sales and marketing alignment. Before you can be successful at content selling, you have to get your sales team and your marketing team working as one unified, collaborative force.

Use this sales and marketing alignment starter guide to get your teams on the same page, then set the stage for content selling with the tools and strategies that make collaboration easy. The checklist below covers all the key ingredients you need in order to be successful at content selling:


content selling checklist

You can download a check-able pdf version of the content selling infographic here

Content selling can have a huge impact on the sales pipeline, drastically increasing the number of leads that convert to actual buyers. To learn more about content selling, download our free whitepaper “Content Marketing Isn’t Just For Marketing.”

By Accent Technologies

26th January 2016