3 big problems with CRM (and how you can fix them) infographic


3 big problems with CRM (and how you can fix them)


CRM isn’t perfect. In fact, most sales reps would probably agree that CRM is just plain annoying. Beyond the frustrating interface, CRM actually contributes to low win rates and high operational costs.

Read the infographic below to see how CRM’s three biggest flaws impact businesses (and what you can do to avoid those problems):

A green and blue listing of the 3 biggest CRM problems


If you’re less of a visual learner, here’s the skinny from the infographic…

The problems: CRM consistently has low adoption rates, wastes sales reps’ time and still manages to have inaccurate information after all that time investment.

The solution: Automation. Use software that automatically captures and logs CRM data while sales reps go about their daily selling activities. Phone calls, emails, meetings, etc. are all entered into CRM without sales reps ever having to waste time on data entry.

The result: A lot of extra revenue. Sales reps spend more time selling while the quality and accuracy of CRM data increases dramatically. You can do the math yourself by plugging in the number of sales reps and annual quota into this quick online calculator.


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By Accent Technologies

19th February 2016