Do you need to upgrade your marketing asset management platform?


Do you need to upgrade your marketing asset management platform?


If you’re considering changing your marketing asset management software or even your marketing strategy as a whole, it makes sense to verify that an upgrade is the right option for you.

Modern marketing asset management tools offer tons of benefits to companies, from streamlining marketing automation efforts to increasing usage of resources to reducing content update efforts. So are those benefits worth shifting from your existing system? Quite possibly. Use the list below to find out.

5 reasons why you should consider using sales enablement software as a marketing asset management platform:


1) Your marketers are spending more time managing content than they are creating it

Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but seriously: if a big chunk of your marketing team’s time is spent on low-value activities like organizing and updating content, there’s a problem. An advanced marketing asset management platform will streamline management activities so that your marketers can focus on the important stuff.


2) Adoption of existing marketing assets is low.

If people aren’t using the assets being created, then what’s the point in creating them? A marketing asset management system is supposed to help team members find and use content, not discourage them from even looking at what’s available. Centralized content, mobile access, robust search capabilities and content notifications all boost asset usage adoption.


3) “The Great Hunt for Content” is a daily occurrence

Search capabilities for marketing assets are far more advanced than they used to be. Full-text search capabilities enable you to find a single word in a 100-page document. Tagging and meta data make organization simple. Searching applies to images and graphs instead of just regular text. In short, by centralizing all of your content in one platform with advanced searching capabilities, you have exactly what you need to find anything almost instantly.


 4) Your current system isn’t great for digital assets

Gone are the traditional document management days when marketing teams relied solely on Microsoft Word and PowerPoint presentations. Now, successful marketing campaigns are built on highly visual, interactive media such as movies and infographics. If your asset management system isn’t a digital asset management system (AKA one that supports multimedia file types and doesn’t take forever to upload or download large files), it’s time for a change. DAM software is the way to go.


5) Your marketers have to jump between several systems

Content repositories, marketing automation, CRM, sales and marketing collaboration software… Not only does it take time to switch between platforms on a daily if not hourly basis, but each platform typically requires maintenance and team training. Streamline marketing activities by centralizing all resources and tools into one complete asset management system.


Did any of those 5 reasons describe your company? If so, we’d love to show you how sales enablement software can make marketing asset management so much easier for your marketing team. If that sounds like something you’d love too, schedule a 10 minute, personalized demo now.

By Accent Technologies

7th March 2016