5 essential mobile app capabilities for B2B sales success


5 essential mobile app capabilities for B2B sales success


Mobile sales enablement has grown in popularity recently, but there's still a lot of confusion about what exactly mobile sales enablement is. At Accent, we like to think of mobile sales enablement as giving your reps everything they need to plan, prepare and engage with buyers—right then and there.

So what does that look like? We’ve compiled the 5 most important abilities for mobile sales enablement:

1) Access sales content

According to research from Aberdeen, sales teams who have mobile access to sales content significantly outperform teams who don’t. The immediate effects of mobile access to content are stronger buyer engagement and faster response, which lead to even better long-term effects like shorter sales cycles and a higher percentage of reps who achieve quota.

2) Build/customize presentations

If your buyer requests a presentation on specific product features, do you really want to have to wait until you’re back at the office to create it? Your mobile sales enablement app should give the ability to build custom presentations and documents directly from a phone or tablet.

3) View sales information

While your sales reps are waiting to go into sales meetings, what are they doing? Playing Sudoku on their phones or reviewing vital information about their buyers? One of those things is a far better use of time (I’ll let you guess which). The ability to access information about the sales situation, from messages previously sent to a buyer to their engagement over time, will keep reps on top of their game at all times.

4) Interact with buyers

57% of buyers need information in a day or less in order to make effective decisions. After you find that perfect sales resource or build a custom presentation, you need the ability to send it right then and there. Your mobile sales enablement app should be able to access buyer contact information and send messages and content, from presentations to videos, directly to the buyer.

5) Log sales activities

Once you give reps the ability to perform all their selling activities from their phone or tablet, the final step is to ensure those activities are logged accurately in CRM. Any share, phone call, meeting, etc. should be able to be logged straight from the mobile app (for bonus points, get an app that logs data automatically).

With these 5 mobile selling capabilities, your sales reps will be well equipped for stronger sales execution anywhere, anytime.
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By Accent Technologies

6th June 2016