We’ve scoured the internet over the past month and put together the articles and blog posts on sales enablement you definitely will want to read:


1)  Solution Selling Essentials: Diagnosing Buyer Pain

Written by Tim Sullivan, Sales Performance International and Solution Selling Blog

In this post by Tim Sullivan, the Director of Business Development for Sales Performance International, Tim takes an in-depth look at the three types of questions sales reps should be using to learn everything they need to know about their prospects’ pains and business needs. The valuable insights learned by asking the right questions at the right time can not only bolster your relationship with the prospect, but it can also give you the leverage you need to keep momentum going.


2)  The Top Sales Professionals of Tomorrow Have Moved Beyond Attitude, Skills & Process…

Written by Jonathan Farrington, jonathanfarrington.com

Jonathan Farrington, Senior Partner at Jonathan Farrington & Associates, CEO of Top Sales World, and the co-editor of Top Sales Magazine reflects on the changes in sales strategies over the last few decades, and how things have culminated in the current era where knowledge is a sales reps most powerful weapon.


3)   Bill Nye the Sales Guy: How to Paint a Picture with Data

Written by Matéo Askaripour, Sales Hacker

Data is only powerful when it’s accurate, complete and most importantly actionable. Matéo Askaripour, Director of Sales Development at Grovo, discusses the key considerations any organization should give before beginning to track a new sales metric and acting on the discovered insights.


4) You Have a Sales Process. Now Use it.

Written by Stephan Hagelauer, Richardson Sales Training and Enablement Blog

Stephan Hagelauer, Vice President of Client Success at Richardson, offers advice on effective coaching techniques that are powered by a documented, repeatable sales process. In order to have meaningful coaching sessions, managers need to have visibility into the specifics of the opportunity, where prospects are within the sales cycle, and how the rep is improving their overall skill.


5)  I Achieved the Holy Grail of Sales and Marketing Alignment…or So I Thought

Written by Anna Talerico, Aberdeen Essentials

EVP and co-founder at ion interactive, Anna Talerico, provides a personal anecdote about her company’s movement from a friendly sales and marketing relationship to a truly impressive revenue generating partnership. Even when the sales and marketing department leaders are married, it turns out there can always be room for improvement.


Did we miss any great sales enablement articles for the month of June? Let us know in the comments!