Sales Enablement Roundup: August 2016’s Best Articles


Sales Enablement Roundup: August 2016’s Best Articles

We’ve scoured the internet over the past month and put together the articles and blog posts on sales enablement you definitely will want to read:


1) The Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople

Written by Steve W. Martin, Heavy Hitter Sales Blog

What separates great sales reps from mediocre ones? That’s exactly what Steve W. Martin, author of the Heavy Hitter sales book series, addresses in this blog article. More than just subjective opinion, Martin bases his analysis of the top seven best sales rep personality traits on personality tests administered to top salespeople around the world.


2) Three Steps to Defusing Customer Objections (Instead of Overcoming Them!)

Written by Sundance Brennan, SellingPower Blog

When buyers complain or argue, what do you do? Your answer shouldn’t be to bully the buyer into closing the deal or place the blame on someone else. Instead, follow Sundance Brennan’s approach for fixing the situation using a simple three-step process: accept responsibility, set up for success, and defuse the objection.  This article is a quick and easy read, but it definitely says something that every sales rep needs to hear.


3) 3 Lessons Netflix Can Teach You About Big Data Tactics

Written by Suha Saya, Salesforce Blog

When you think about successful companies, Netflix is definitely near the top of the list. So why not learn from Netflix’s success? In this blog by Salesforce, you can learn how to use big data analytics to your advantage. Just as Netflix has leveraged big data to identify what is important to their viewers, you can use your company’s data to improve your sales and marketing activities.


4) 10 Keys to Sales Onboarding Success

Written by Diane Valenti, ATD Sales Enablement Blog

How effective is your sales onboarding process? Many sales managers can’t definitively say one way or another if their sales onboarding is working properly. In this blog by Diane Valenti, learn how successful companies define an effective onboarding program and how to implement a similar program at your business.


5) “No Excuse” Ways to Get Sales Enablement Done

Written by Peter Zink, SiriusDecisions Blog

If your company is struggling to get a sales enablement effort off the ground, you may need to start following a “no excuse” philosophy. Peter Zink, a research analyst at SiriusDecisions, explains how to get around those big roadblocks (such as lack of budget or limited authority) so that you can start improving your sales process today.


Did we miss any great sales enablement articles for the month of August? Let us know in the comments!

By Accent Technologies

31st August 2016