Accent Attends SiriusDecisions Summit 2017


Accent Attends SiriusDecisions Summit 2017

We don't want what happened in Vegas to stay there!
SD Summit Set Up and view of the Venetian hotel room

The Accent team started the week by setting up our presidential suite in the Venetian. Our goal was to talk to prospects, clients and analysts and tell our story – where we’re going with our platform and how we’ll get there

After a week of amazing sessions, demos and discussions, we’re thrilled to be back and hit the ground running with some of our new ideas and relationships! Last week Accent Technologies attended the 2017 SiriusDecisions Summit. Our goal was to learn more about the latest trends in sales strategy and meet other knowledge–hungry Marketing and Sales Enablement leaders.

SD Summit Demand Waterfall slide during a presentation

SiriusDecisions discusses the evolution of the Demand Waterfall and the emergence of buyer groups - a new way to look at prospects vs. Leads and MQLs

One of the most exciting sessions for us was SiriusDecisions’ reveal of their New Demand Unit Waterfall. In short, the days of selling the value of your offer to one individual and expecting to close are over. Sales reps are realizing more and more that the success of a deal depends on the input of a group of buyers, not just an individual decision maker.

When dealing with a group of buyers, it only takes one negative individual to send a deal south, no matter how much the champion loves you. Reps need to recognize the existence of the entire buying team and artfully sell the value to each individual in addition to addressing the pain points of the group as a whole.

In sum, the demand unit waterfall acknowledges the buying team as the purchaser of a solution. This practice places a lot more responsibility on the rep to know their buying situation inside and out – as well as all personalities at the table. In turn, this model highly stresses the undeniable need for sales and marketing alignment and the prioritization of sales opportunities and rep activity. It was exciting to hear affirmation that the Accent roadmap is targeting the right pain points to meet the growing sales enablement needs for Sales and Marketing organizations.

SD Summit Poll Results

Heather Cole and Nancy Maluso review custom approaches to maximize your sales enablement impact and polling results of SE leaders and their top priorities in the next 12 months.

Additionally, Heather Cole and Nancy Maluso delivered a truly insightful presentation on the different custom approaches sales enablement practitioners can take to maximize their impact. Taking a look at the top goals for the next 12 months, we’re encouraged to see the Accent roadmap is on-target with the industry majority and we’re excited for what the new year brings.

While we were there, we also hosted an intimate cocktail party to network with some of the other summit attendees. We had a great turn out, and are looking forward to growing those new relationships. Here are some photos of the Accent crew in action!

Dessert Platter at the SiriusDecisions Summit 2017

SD Summit Party with guests mingling

We had a lot of fun strategizing how to get the most we could out of the event

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By Accent Technologies

26th May 2017