More CRM data entry? Are you kidding me?


More CRM data entry? Are you kidding me?


I’m a highly paid sales professional, not a data entry clerk. You want me to sell, right? So why do you want me to keep wasting time entering data into the CRM that does not help me reach our goals, or mine? I want tools that help me sell, not tools that keep me from selling.

This is a bit ridiculous. My value is best spent talking to prospects and clients. I make money for both of us this way. Just entering data is a waste of time. I understand some basic documentation necessary, but what you have me doing is too much. Can’t you automate it?

Let me do what I do best—communicate with prospects and customers, talk about our value, and convince them to move forward and ultimately buy. I already spend lots of time in pipeline reviews—telling you where we are with this account and that opportunity. Can’t we make this faster and more efficient—please.

Let me do my job and I will make you proud. Please give me the technology and tools I need to sell, and the visibility that you need to understand the value I am delivering.


Every Sales Person Everywhere

Pete McChrystal

By Accent Technologies

20th December 2017