What Makes Good Leadership


What Makes Good Leadership

So… what makes a good leader

The truth is, there are leaders born. And there are leaders trained. It doesn’t matter how you get there. It just matters that you are there, or not.

Why leadership counts

You know why. I shouldn’t have to talk about this too much. Leaders motivate and get others to do things that matter. They get individuals and the organization moving, and keep it moving towards the goals the organization needs to achieve. Pretty simple.

Principles of good leaders

Here’s the secret. There are simple principles good leaders adopt and apply that make them effective, and sometimes legendary.

  1. Be Selfless: put your people’s needs before your own. Care about your people. Let them know you care. Tell them. Show them. And then act in that way.
  2. Be Fair: don’t take sides. Listen to all opinions. Let everyone know you want all view points on issues, but in the end, you will decide based on your best judgement.
  3. Be decisive: make a decision based on the best information you can get.
  4. Give Feedback: develop people based on their performance. Tell them what you think. What you like about their performance. What you think they could improve.

I could go into all sorts of detail about good leadership. But that just isn’t necessary.

But I will mention one more thing…

Have you ever respected a boss that didn’t show respect to you first?  I will guess NO, because I have never had anybody answer YES to that question.

So… my final comment is…

Always show respect to those that work for you… even if you don’t.

It’s unlikely that you have all great players. Nobody does. But, that does not mean you should treat B, C, and D-level players with any disrespect. While they work for you, they should be treated with respect. Make that your policy.

Hope you have your best year ever.

Pete McChrystal

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26th December 2017