If Everything Is A Priority, Nothing Is: Why Pursuing Every Lead Can Hurt


If Everything Is A Priority, Nothing Is: Why Pursuing Every Lead Can Hurt


If you’re a sales representative, you may understand feeling like your inbox is the equivalent to an Emergency Room receiving area.

You’re probably all too familiar with the struggle of managing your time and staying focused on the task at-hand while a million others rush through your door with a crisis. Each incoming lead has their own set of critical business issues that are extremely painful to them and they expect your undivided and immediate attention, a quick diagnosis, and swift treatment. So how do you identify who needs you the most and where your time is best spent? How do you keep everyone moving forward so that things don’t get backed up or congested?

In the ER, there is established criteria that determines the severity and urgency for treatment so that staff can quickly analyze each case and focus on the lives that need saving. If they didn't sift through the breaks and sprains to prioritize heart disease or head trauma, you can bet their success rate (and literally their patients) would drop.

Similarly, as a sales rep it's critical to have a process in place to review and prioritize the opportunities in your pipeline from a business perspective. But how do you choose where to place your focus?

You can start by looking at which opportunities are truly qualified for your offering. Your strongest leads will be the ones that you are a true contender for and whose problems are best suited for your solution. From there, determine which of those you (and the business) will profit from the most (financially or strategically). Sounds simple right?

The problem is it’s easier said than done. Reading through every set of meeting notes and looking up the opportunity’s details in your CRM to form strategic daily "To Do" lists isn’t exactly practical … or efficient.

But what if there was one place you could go that measured the "health" or attractiveness of your opportunities based on your organization's goals? What if you had a tool that fed you a prioritized list everyday and visualized each opportunity's details in a way that was easily digestible? Furthermore, what if that same tool recommended marketing content and actionable next steps specific to each opportunity?

Think of the improvement in efficiency to your daily workflow. Providing premium service to your most profitable opportunities would be manageable. You'd not only be able to make strategic decisions faster, but you may even find time to invest back into your lower priority opportunities.

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By Accent Technologies

18th April 2018