Experts Q&A: How to Use Sales Enablement to Boost Selling Results


Experts Q&A: How to Use Sales Enablement to Boost Selling Results

Every B2B sales team wants to improve revenue growth, but achieving higher sales isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. So, what’s the tried and true approach? Sales enablement.

If you’re not too familiar with sales enablement and the advantages it offers to B2B sales and marketing teams, then this is a great starting point.

Accent Technologies’ President and CEO Pete McChrystal had the opportunity to sit down with Amy Franko, the Founder and President of Impact Instruction Group, to discuss everything from the basic definition of sales enablement all the way down to the concrete ways it can benefit the sales process.

Impact Instruction Group offers sales training and leadership programs to help organizations improve their sales growth and develop future leaders. The discussion between Amy and Pete offered a unique inside look into how today’s sales thought leaders approach the idea of sales enablement and how it can be used to solve the many challenges facing modern businesses.

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The topics covered in the Q&A include:

  • Defining Sales Enablement
  • Why Sales Enablement Matters
  • Common Ways Sales Organizations Get Stuck
  • How Sales Enablement Creates Consistency
  • The Evolving Relationship between Sales and Marketing
  • Essential Skills for the Modern Sales Rep and Sales Leader
  • And More

By Accent Technologies

23rd April 2018