3 Key Innovations that Will Change the Game for Sales Enablement Technology


3 Key Innovations that Will Change the Game for Sales Enablement Technology


As anyone in the B2B sales space knows, sales technology is rapidly advancing. This month, tech innovation got a big boost.

We’re talking about Google I/O, the developer conference that was recently held in California.

In just three days, we got a glimpse at some amazing capabilities - and they’re not all just for the average Google user. Many of the announcements will have lasting, major impacts on B2B sales organizations. So pay attention to these upcoming technologies:

1.    Smarter Phone Calls from Google Assistant

The chief responsibility of sales reps has always been communication. Get on the phone, talk with the client and close the deal. Previous attempts to replace reps with technology have fallen flat when it comes to phone communication. But just watch this video and reconsider everything you thought you knew about AI phone calls.

Google Assistant will soon be able to make phone calls that sound so natural, the person on the other side of the call won’t be able to tell they’re not speaking with a real person. Now think of what that could mean for sales follow-ups in the coming years.

2.    Smart Compose for Gmail

Phone calls are just one of the methods for communicating with clients and prospects. What about email? Google has that covered too with their new Smart Compose functionality. It’s a tool that allows you to write emails faster and cut down on grammatical and spelling errors.

Just like Google’s autosuggestions when you search, Smart Compose suggests common phrases as you type, allowing you to select and move on to the next sentence in a fraction of the time it would take to write everything out manually.

On its own, it’s a time saver, but think how this technology could be developed in the B2B sales sphere to provide more intelligent, contextual guidance to sales reps as they compose sales follow-up emails. Instead of generic templates, you could strategize and provide individual pitches at the sentence or paragraph level that make sense in the context for that particular client.

3.    Google Lens for Augmented Reality

Google Lens could be changing the game for content delivery. On the end user side of the equation, real-time identification technology allows you to point your phone at an object and get information about it directly. This could have huge ramifications for marketers as a new outlet for content distribution. If someone is seeking information about your products or business, you could provide it in a novel new way.

For sales reps, Google Lens is advancing in a way that could be helpful for cutting down on manual data entry. Instead of typing in information, the smart text feature allows you to copy and paste text from the real world, like business cards.

It’s no coincidence that Google is moving in the direction of making technology that makes life easier, simpler, and more convenient. That’s exactly what we’re doing for B2B sales teams with Accent CRM Supercharger.

Instead of Google Assistant scheduling a haircut appointment for you, imagine a sales assistant that enters in all your notes into CRM for you. An assistant that reminds you when you should follow up with a prospect and which piece of content would be great to send to a specific lead.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to CRM Supercharger’s capabilities. If you’d like to see for yourself what’s possible, schedule a demo with us!

By Accent Technologies

21st May 2018