How B2B Content Wins in 2019


How B2B Content Wins in 2019


We all know that content plays an important part in the B2B buying cycle, but how do you know what content is moving things along and what’s falling flat? The answer is you need a scalable and methodical approach to measuring content performance.

More of a visual person? View the same information explained below in the form of a short video from Accent CEO, Pete McCrystal.

Old Approach: Sales Enablement platforms have historically taken the approach that any content that was shared in the buying cycle that later turned to a closed-won opportunity was effective. Makes sense, right? The problem with this approach is that attributing a piece of content (let’s say a one page PDF) in the first week on an opportunity that later closed 5 months later is deemed a valuable piece of content by this approach. This unfairly weights early stage content as great material, when it may have had no (or potentially harmful) impact.

New Approach: Breakthroughs in analytics and software have allowed a new, more accurate approach to measuring content to develop. Instead of measuring content in terms of whether it was associated with won or lost opportunities, you can measure content by the impact or energy it generates after sharing with it with the potential buyers. Now you can see potentially valuable content that created a lot of deal movement, but may have had some unlucky opportunity losses associated with it. How is this possible? Through a series of integrations to the communication channels that sellers and buyers use – (email, calendar, calls, social media, website, and more) and some intelligent attribution algorithms running in the background it is now possible to measure buyer activities automatically and at scale.

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By Accent Technologies

1st August 2019