Sales Enablement Software, Tools, and Vendors


Sales Enablement Software, Tools, and Vendors


Let’s say you’re sold on the benefits of sales enablement. You’re ready to implement a sales enablement system at your organization. But, know that trying to create and manage one manually is a recipe for disaster.

Just a cursory Google search will reveal the overwhelming amount of options when it comes to sales enablement software.

This post will break down the top sales enablement software vendors. It will also explain and the specific ways each can benefit your organization. This will help you shortlist the sales enablement software options that are right for you. It will also help you avoid tools that don’t suit your specific needs.

What is sales enablement software?

Once you develop your sales enablement program, you’ll realize that trying to manage it manually is a fool’s errand. That’s where software comes in. Good sales enablement software will help you automate and organize your sales enablment program. It will also help you document, measure, and streamline it.

Crucial features in sales enablement software

As we reviewed in depth in this post, there are several criteria you should have in the forefront of your mind. Here they are in brief:

  • A central repository
  • Robust search functionality
  • Scoring and recommendations
  • Version control
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Integration with other mission-critical software
  • Analytics and reporting

We present this comprehensive list of top sales enablement vendors, tools, and software.



Accent Technologies

Admittedly, we’re biased. But that doesn’t change the fact that our comprehensive sales enablement platform checks all the boxes.

Accent offers an industry-leading content management solution. We also offer sales AI solutions to help revenue leaders improve operations and insight. Our robust platform can scale to your teams needs, whether you’re looking for a simple way to manage your presentations or want to do a deep-dive into AI-driven sales decisions.

Features included in Accent Technologies:

  • Central Content Repository
  • Advanced text and video search
  • Customer Portal sharing and tracking
  • CRM integration for sales contacts, activities, and communications
  • In-context Sales Training (via CRM Integration)
  • Sales cycle automation and content recommendations
  • Content performance reporting



Arkodis is a customer research service. It seeks to create customer alignment between your ideal market and your organization. They offer three priced tiers of customer research services. However, they do not offer a platform for managing content or CRM data.

Features included in Akordis:

  • Client interviews
  • Competitor research
  • Sales and strategy workshops


Albacross helps you identify anonymous website visitors with purchasing intent. With Albacross, you can see company IP address information. You can also segment visitors based on their firmographic and decision-making potential. Based on this data, you can customize your digital touchpoints for certain market segments.

Features included in Albacross:

  • Website personalization
  • Demographic-specific targeted ads
  • CRM integration


Allbound differs from the other software. It’s a partner relationship manager (PRM). It offers the ability to automate partner training and manage MDFs. It also allows you to co-brand and gain better visibility into partner training.

Features included in Allbound:

  • Partner-centric portal for resources and training
  • Deal registration systems
  • CRM integration
  • Custom “prospect pages” for each registered partner


Altify is a customer revenue optimization (CRO) platform. It helps organizations craft sales processes and sales opportunities. It also helps scan prospects for purchasing signals. It is built upon the Salesforce platform and requires it as a software prerequisite.

Features of Altify:

  • Real-time buyer journey notifications
  • Customizable sales process UI
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration

20 Miles (formerly Fileboard)

20 Miles is a sales enablement platform built for large-scale outbound prospecting. Its main selling point is its pipeline organization features. They allow sales reps to “bucket” leads according to their individual workflows.

Features of 20 Miles:

  • Communication templates and snippets
  • Simple meeting scheduling
  • “Hot” prospect identification tool


Ambition is a Sales Performance Management (SPM) platform that aims to empower, coach, and motivate sales reps to succeed. Ambition’s primary goal is to empower managers with the tools they need to maximize their sales teams’ potential.

Features of Ambition:

  • Salesforce scorecards and leaderboards
  • 1:1 Coaching portals
  • Sales gamification

App Data Room

App Data Room is an enterprise sales enablement and marketing asset performance platform. It helps to distribute and track content globally for reps, dealers, and distributors.

App Data Room helps put the right content in the hands of reps, distributors, dealers and channel partners. It is built upon and heavily integrated with Marketo, a marketing automation platform.

Features of App Data Room:

  • Global content management
  • Performance analytics
  • Lead capture systems


Apparound is a multi-platform sales enablement tool that offers a suite of digital tools. It aims to increase the velocity of deals going through the pipeline. It features real-time quoting, contract generation, and electronic signatures.

More features of Apparound:

  • Sales tracking dashboards
  • Customer-facing surveys and data collection tools
  • Mobile-friendly


Artesians is a mobile-only “pre-meeting” app. It’s designed to give reps the information they need to succeed in sales meetings. It syncs with sales calendars and offers insights on prospects’ organizations and demographics.

Features of Artesian:

  • AI-based intelligence on prospect organizations
  • Demographic filtering and sorting


Bigtincan is an AI-powered sales enablement platform. It improves training, meeting prep, customer engagement, and team collaboration. It organizes and presents sales assets based on data-driven recommendations.

Features of Bigtincan:

  • Training content portal
  • Sales cycle automation and content recommendations
  • Content performance reporting


Bloomfire is a knowledge engagement platform. It gives team members the power to access and contribute to a repository of mission-critical data. The platform’s social component allows employees to collaborate and comment on sales and marketing content.

Features of Bloomfire:

  • Knowledge-sharing repository for keeping teams on the same page
  • Shareable market research and insights
  • Customer support and common issue database

Blueconomics SocialSalesMap

Blueconomics is an online tool that helps sales teams hunt and farm new business. It does this by visualizing and analyzing relationship networks.

Features of Blueconomics SocialSalesMap:

  • Social network analysis
  • Interactive visualization


Brainshark is a sales enablement platform. It helps organizations create dynamic content used for sales training, onboarding and coaching. Its primary selling point is a PowerPoint upload system. The system lets users narrate presentations for later use.

Features of Brainshark:

  • Presentation-enhancing features like polls, quizzes, and attachments
  • Mobile cross-compatibility


BuyerDeck is a suite of sales enablement tools. It centralizes all marketing and sales content. It also helps track and measure content performance. Additionally, it offers on-brand content pages for sharing.

Features of BuyerDeck:

  • In-depth content analytics
  • Branded content pages for customer-facing interactions
  • Central content repository


ClearSlide is a sales engagement platform. It lets users share content and sales materials via email links in a “live pitch.” ClearSlide is partial to presentation decks. It also offers a content repository to keep slides organized and accessible.

Features of ClearSlide:

  • Real-time engagement analytics
  • Guided selling with CRM integration
  • Dashboards, coaching, and onboarding tools


Cloze is a CRM platform that automatically collects prospect information. It gathers information from emails, phone calls, documents, and social media accounts. This information is then presented on a unified platform, eliminating data entry processes.While ideal for smaller businesses, larger organizations may find the CRM lacking in key features.

Features of Cloze:

  • Wide range of app integrations
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Automated sales reminders


ConnectLeader offers a suite of sales enablement tools. These include top-of-funnel messaging, lead qualification, and AI-drive prospect prioritization.

Features of ConnectLeader:

  • Data validation and CRM integration
  • Intelligent lead routing
  • Cloud-based sales dialers for phone communication

ConnectWise Sell

ConnectWise Sell is a cloud-based quote and proposal generator. It offers rapid, dynamic quote generation designed to speed up deals.

Features of ConnectWise Sell:

  • Notifications when prospects are engaging with proposals
  • Pricing rules to prevent over- or under-charging with discounts
  • CRM integration


Consensus is a cloud-based software that specializes in the creation of on-demand demo videos. The intention is to reduce the strain of live demos on sales reps, especially when demo demand is high.

Features of Consensus:

  • Dynamic content is shown based on the prospects’ interaction choices
  • Dashboards and analytics offer feedback on demo performance
  • Viewers can choose the features they’d like to see


Contactually is a cloud-based CRM built for the real estate vertical. It logs all prospects and communications in an easy-to-use database.

Features of Contactually:

  • Custom templates
  • Automated personal messages
  • Contact triggers and reminders

Copper (Formerly ProsperWorks)

Copper is a unique CRM built specifically for the Google Suite. It integrates with Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Contacts to enhance the G-suite functionality for sellers.

Features of Copper:

  • In-depth reporting
  • Deal tracking
  • Automated tasks


CustomShow is enterprise presentation software. It allows users to create a library of content-rich slide decks. Sales reps can customize presentations by drawing slides from a central repository. Updates made to slides in the library are automatically shared with all users.

Features of CustomShow:

  • Audience engagement tracking
  • Native mobile apps for on-the-go presenting
  • Robust integration with PowerPoint


DecisionLink offers a suite of software solutions. It is designed to communicate the value of a particular solution to prospects. These tools include a business case builder. They also include a value achievement tracker, and case study tracker.

Features of DecisionLink:

  • Testimonial capture engine for automatic case study creation
  • Central repository of customer feedback
  • Dashboards to measure perceived value from customers


Distribion is a multi-channel marketing platform. It helps reps execute automated, personalized marketing campaigns with real-time performance reporting. Distribion ensures all sales enablement touch points have up-to-date messaging. It also ensures brand consistency, and effective tracking.

Features of Distribion:

  • Dynamic templates
  • Marketing asset management
  • Salesforce and Google Analytics integrations


DocSend is a document sharing platform for sales teams. It aims to end confusing and complex email threads. Documents are version-controlled, password-protected, and mobile friendly.

Features of DocSend:

  • Analytics on who has seen/engaged with documents
  • File download limits
  • Branded viewing experience


Docsify is a free email tracker for Gmail. It allows sales reps to see recipient email opens, clicks, and attachment downloads. It also tracks how long recipients view certain files.

Features of Docsify:

  • Real-time notifications based on recipient engagement
  • Page-by-page analytics for attached PDFs
  • Recipient geolocation data


Docurated is a sales enablement platform that helps reps find, customize, and share marketing content. The proprietary DocuRank™ AI technology enables guided selling. It recommends the most effective content for each prospect and selling scenario.

Features of Docurated:

  • 360-degree analytics
  • Embedded Salesforce integration
  • Guided selling


FISION is a sales enablement platform. Marketing and sales teams use it to control, distribute, and measure marketing collateral. FISION’s cloud-based library supports nearly 200 different file types. It offers complete control over how company assets are stored, retrieved, and used.

Features of FISION:

  • Print and digital template builders
  • Automated emails and prospect communications
  • Content performance analytics


Formstack is an intuitive, drag-and-drop form builder. The platform includes hundreds of templates that free up your sales or marketing team from having to fiddle with code.

Features of Formstack:

  • Form integration with all common CRMs and data entry platforms
  • Workflows that send data to the right people upon form completion
  • Dozens of webhook options for integrating with existing user flows


FRONTLINE is a top-of-funnel platform. It provides a roadmap on how sales reps can ensure high-quality first conversations. It utilizes technology-based coaching tools to drive business forward through successful prospect communications.

Features of FRONTLINE:

  • Customizable call simulator
  • Analytics and coaching tools

FUSE by LogicBay

FUSE is a platform built specifically for organizations in the manufacturing vertical. It offers Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Learning Management System (LMS) functionality. Together these drive performance in sales, marketing and training programs.

Features of FUSE:

  • Robust training system
  • Lead management
  • Marketing campaign automation and analytics


GetAccept is an all-in-one B2B sales enablement and contract management platform. It includes proprietary video and live chat tools. It also includes proposal design features, and document tracking.

Features of GetAccept:

  • E-signatures
  • CPQ workflows
  • Sales automation and analytics


Groove is a sales enablement software that natively integrates with Salesforce. It expands upon Salesforce’s existing email and activity tracking features. It also adds outbound calling and scheduling functionality.

Features of Groove:

  • Auto-dialer integration
  • Calendar integration
  • Performance tracking and analytics


Guru is a knowledge management platform for sales enablement teams. It delivers information to sales reps at the ideal time in the buyer’s journey. This increases pipeline velocity. The information is displayed on “boards” for ease of access.

Features of Guru:

  • Integrations with most common CRMs
  • Browser extension
  • AI-driven intelligent suggestions during customer conversations


Highspot is a sales enablement platform that equips sales reps and guides prospects. It includes intelligent search, predictive content, and analytics.

More features of Highspot:

  • Dynamic sales guides
  • AI-driven content recommendations
  • Prospect engagement tracking


Hoopla equips your sales reps with playbooks, strategies, coaching, and motivation that they need to succeed. It includes gamification features, KPI leaderboards, and real-time sales progress.

Features of Hoopla:

  • Sales contests
  • Deal alerts
  • Top-performer showcases
  • CRM integrations

Inside Sales Box

Inside Sales box is sales acceleration software that helps teams build, manage, and speed up the sales development process. It helps reps develop consistent and predictable habits that serve a common goal.

Features of Inside Sales Box:

  • Automated sales dialer with one-click calling
  • Workflow “follow-up” automation
  • Email and social media templates


Insite is a digital delivery platform. It’s designed to provide reliable access to digital product catalogs, and sales and marketing content. It does so in a branded native application. It provides online or offline access to digital information. It does this for defined audiences while reporting key data on usage activity to management.

Features of Insite:

  • Built-in presentation tools
  • Intuitive and flexible search
  • Security options for content


iPresent gives sellers and marketers a simple and effective way to access, create, and deliver presentations. Content can be presented in-person or remotely.

Features of iPresent:

  • Customer engagement analytics
  • Asset distribution platform
  • Customizable and dynamic presentation engine

KnowledgeTree by Seismic

KnowledgeTree equips sales teams with the information they need to effectively engage buyers. It intelligently serves up curated news, competitive intel, and product updates to reps.

Features of KnowledgeTree:

  • Predictive content recommendations
  • Training and coaching tools
  • Sales content repository
  • Sales engagement analytics


LevelEleven is a performance management system. It reinforces key behaviors for sales and customer-facing teams. It drives behaviors that close deals and earn retention. LevelEleven provides personalized scorecards, real-time TV broadcasts, and data-driven coaching.

Features of LevelEleven:

  • Real-time leaderboards
  • On-demand gamification
  • Achievement alerts
  • Coaching and goal management


Makesbridge is a CRM-integrated sales enablement software. IT helps sales reps track prospects, score leaders, and close deals faster. Its main selling point is its tight integration with all modern CRM systems.

Features of Makesbridge:

  • Real-time leads dashboard
  • Integrated analytics
  • Instant sales alerts


MarcomCentral combines digital asset management, dynamic content customization, and sales enablement into one cloud-based platform. Its primary selling point is the ability to create marketing campaigns with uniform brand consistency.

Features of MarcomCentral:

  • Digital asset repository
  • Brand guideline management
  • Salesforce integration


MarketBridge is a sales enablement platform that offers real-time, actionable insights. It helps reps get ahead of rapidly changing customer behavior and competitor strategies. It includes multi-channel distribution tools and 360-degree data integration.

Features of MarketBridge:

  • Predictive customer analytics
  • Tight CRM integration
  • Marketing campaign optimization


Mediafly is a self-proclaimed “All-In-One Sales Enablement Platform.” It empowers marketers and sellers to easily access, create and share sales content. It offers dynamic messaging for differing market segments. It also offers a suite of interactive sales enablement tools.

Features of Mediafly:

  • Prospect “self-assessments”
  • Business value analysis tools
  • Customized presentations


Membrain infuses powerful sales enablement capabilities into sales teams’ day-to-day activities. It helps them discover best practices and drive winning behaviors. Leaders can insert custom benchmarks and contextual activities into a dashboard for reps. Reps always have a clear understanding of what action to take next.

Features of Membrain:

  • Embedded enablement content in sales workflows
  • Sales training and coaching tools
  • Dynamic templates and sales collateral


Mindmatrix is a sales enablement solution that includes sales automation. It also includes sales asset management and marketing automation functionality.

More features of Mindmatrix:

  • Training, onboarding and guided selling tools
  • Sales asset management
  • Sales and marketing automation


MindTickle is a sales training platform. It designed to make reps as customer-ready and successful as possible. Its main focus is to speed up onboarding and help training principles stick in the minds of sellers.

Features of MindTickle:

  • Data-driven intelligence to drive customer-facing readiness
  • Learning and testing tools
  • Skill certification and coaching events


MindTouch is an enterprise-grade knowledge management platform. It helps sales teams proactively meet the needs of their future customers. It includes a built-in content authoring framework and multi-channel distribution system..

Features of MindTouch:

  • Collaborative content editor
  • Asset and link repository
  • AI-driven content recommendations
  • Content performance analytics


Octiv is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) built for businesses of any size. Organizations can use Octiv to create, share, sign, store, and manage documents. The Octiv platform allows users to automate document creation. It does this using predefined templates, dynamic content and merged data. Users can create and deliver documents from within their CRM. Then they can route generated documents via email or send for signature.

Features of Octiv:

  • Centralized document repository
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Granular security and permissions capabilities


OptifiNow is a cloud-based sales enablement platform that offers a suite of marketing and sales tools.

Features of OptifiNow:

  • Lead and contact management tools
  • Social content collaboration
  • Marketing automation and analytics


Pipedrive is a modular sales enablement platform. Its main selling point is the reduction of manual data entry on the part of sales reps.

Featues of Pipedrive:

  • Custom chatbots and web forms
  • Communication tracking
  • Intelligent insights and reports on sales performance


Pipeliner is a cloud-based CRM with a sales-friendly interface and intuitive administration capabilities. It automates and integrates with most marketing automation and sales platforms.

Features of Pipeliner:

  • Instant, dynamic visualized reporting
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Forecast analytics and performance tracking


Pitcher is a sales enablement tool that offers reps the latest data and collateral. It offers access key messaging online or offline. Their cloud-based, automatic conversion engine allows sellers to deploy materials using drag-and-drop tools.


  • API integration with many common sales enablement and marketing platforms
  • Intelligent content, data, and communication recommendations driven by AI


Playboox helps sales teams create effective sales playbooks online sellers. These include manager effectiveness, new-hire ramp up, and selling best practices.

Features of Playboox:

  • Guided call planning
  • Deal-specific recommendations
  • Instant access to crucial sales or marketing information

Pop Art

Pop Art is a mobile-first modular sales platform. It specializes in employee onboarding, training, and asset distribution.

Features of Pop Art:

  • Content repository
  • Calculators and product comparisons
  • Ongoing sales training tools


Postwire empowers sales teams to engage prospects beyond email, calls and meetings. A “postwire” is a media-rich, custom communication that fits the prospect’s pain points. It helps create more personalized touchpoints.

Features of Postwire:

  • Dynamic, engaging templates
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Integration with common CRMs, including Salesforce


Prezi helps sales teams create collaborative, animated, media-rich presentations. These cloud-based presentations can be shared with anyone on any device. Prezi offers special features for sellers including leaderboards and robust analytics.

Features of Prezi:

  • Seamless PowerPoint integration
  • Branded templates
  • Security and permissions options


Prolifiq is a sales enablement platform built inside Salesforce. It helps keep reps compliant, productive, and efficient.

Features of Prolifiq:

  • Digital content management
  • Internal and external usage insights
  • Account-based selling tools is a multichannel sales automation platform. It’s designed to increase outbound sales productivity. It reduces the burden of manual data entry and prospecting for outbound sales reps.

Features of

  • Automatic list-building tools
  • Multi-channel campaign builder
  • Intelligent task lists
  • Integrations with common CRMs and marketing automation platforms


Qstream is a mobile-friendly sales learning platform. It offers coaching optimization and sales performance analytics. Additionally, it offers “micro-learning” training tools into one solution.

Features of Qstream:

  • AI-driven performance dashboards
  • Intelligent coaching recommendations
  • Sales fluency heat maps

Qvidian by Upland

Qvidian is a RFP and proposal automation platform. It streamlines quote and proposal generation for sales reps. It empowers reps to manage content within a centralized library. It also helps reps collaborate on quotes and RFPs, and track quotes through the sales cycle.

Features of Qvidian:

  • Intelligent workflows for quote assignment and review
  • Customizable documents and unique templates
  • Content value analytics


RegalixNytro is a training platform. It helps sales teams virtually coach, train, and onboard sales teams remotely at scale. The software facilitates the creation and organization of content. Additionally, it helps with measuring interactive coaching and training content.

Features of RegalixNytro:

  • Organized, hierarchical content
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Contextual learning within CRMs and other integrated software
  • Virtual onboarding tools is a multichannel sales engagement platform. It automates personal email outreach, calls, and tasks. This frees up reps to focus on closing deals. It offers browser extensions, call recording, and detailed performance analytics.

Features of

  • Link-building tools
  • A/B testing functionality
  • Email sequence templates


Repsly organizes reps’ sales activity in the field. It makes it easier for leaders to report on and improve seller performance.

Features of Repsly:

  • Real-time communication
  • Simple team scheduling
  • Territory management


RingDNA is a self-proclaimed “revenue acceleration platform.” It offers a suite of sales enablement and sales coaching tools.

Features of RingDNA:

  • Lead prioritization
  • Sales email automation
  • AI-driven selling insights
  • CRM data capture
  • Sales “game film” recording and review
  • Repository of sales best practices

RO Innovation

The RO Innovation platform helps sellers create, deploy, and manage sales enablement content. It also helps measure customer-facing content. It offers a centralized library of customer references in an intuitive platform.

Features of RO Innovation:

  • Prepackaged “microsites” built for each stage in the buying journey
  • Real-time engagement notifications
  • Seamless integration with existing CRM and marketing automation tools

ROI Shop

The ROI Shop is a “value selling” tool. It replaces typical Excel-based ROI calculators with a more media-rich, engaging experience.

Features of ROI Shop:

  • Dynamic and customizable calculators
  • Compatible with embedded videos, hyperlinks, and tooltips for higher engagement

Sales Coach Premium

Sales Coach is a configurable, context-sensitive playbook. It is natively built in Salesforce. It guides reps to the appropriate content and sales strategy throughout sales cycles.

Features of Sales Coach Premium:

  • Intelligent sales collateral recommendations
  • Onboarding tools for new reps
  • Marketing effectiveness analytics


SalesChoice is an AI-driven predictive and prescriptive analytics platform. It increases the performance of B2B sales teams.

Features of SalesChoice:

  • Wins/losses predictions with “95% accuracy”
  • AI-driven “intent to buy” metric
  • Analytics based on cutting-edge data science technologies


SalesHandy is a sales enablement platform that offers a suite of email-centric tools for reps to more effectively meet their quotas.

Features of SalesHandy:

  • Email and document tracking
  • Prospect engagement analytics
  • Real-time notifications for link clicks or email opens
  • Email templates and automated replies


SalesHood is an “all-in-one” sales enablement platform designed to quickly boost sales performance. SalesHood helps teams learn, coach, and sell faster. It also helps improve onboarding time, quota attainment and sales velocity.

Features of SalesHood:

  • Automated coaching tools and templates
  • Repository of best practices and “win” stories
  • Sales performance analytics


SalesLoft is a tool to help sellers conduct effective inbound and outbound prospecting. It includes a suite of software tools. It helps build pipelines by more effectively identifying, developing, and qualifying leads.


Salespatron is a content distribution platform. It disseminates sales content reps with a single click. Robust version control functionality ensures only the latest content gets used.

Features of Salespatron:

  • Advanced engagement analytics
  • Cross-platform presentations for reps in the field
  • Prospect engagement analytics


Samesurf is a visual engagement platform for online sellers. It includes a suite of advanced screen sharing and “co-browsing” tools. It creates an impactful content-sharing experience.

Features of Samesurf:

  • No installs or coding necessary
  • Fast, cross-platform co-browsing experience
  • Security features like redaction and field blocking
  • Single-click “control passing”

SAP Sales Cloud (Formerly CallidusCloud)

SAP Sales Cloud is a suite of software sales enablement solutions. These include lead identification tools, territory and quota distribution software and proposal generators.

Features of SAP Sales Cloud:

  • Customer experience monitoring
  • Sales gamification
  • Learning management

Showcase Workshop

Showcase Workshop, also referred to as Showcase, is a media-rich presentation-building platform. Users upload files and images to the application. It then generates presentations viewable on a suite of mobile apps.

Features of Showcase Workshop:

  • Real-time analytics on presentation engagement
  • Easy-to-use media to presentation conversion engine


Showpad is a powerful, flexible platform. It helps centralize your sales, marketing, onboarding, training, coaching and conversational content. The platform finds and recommends the right content for every selling situation. It also delivers training and coaching in the scenarios and formats that work best for sellers.


Skuid is a Salesforce-based application. It allows organizations to create apps, forms and workflows. It does so in a way that meets their exact needs without touching code.

Features of Skuid:

  • Easy creation of custom deal, opportunity, or lead management apps
  • Custom service/case/order management and CPQ apps
  • Consumer-grade customer or partner portals
  • Dynamic forms and data entry workflows


SpringCM is a DocuSign Company. It helps generate, automate, manage, and store documents and contracts. It does so in a secure cloud server. SpringCM offers powerful search functionality and automated workflows. It also offers detailed analytics at every stage of the buying or review cycle.


Swipe is a visual CRM for iPhone and iPad. It combines photos with sales data to build visual diaries of your deals.

Features of Swipe:

  • Deals and contacts are shareable with employee, partners, and customers
  • All visual diaries are version-controlled and updated in real time


SwissVBS is a digital learning company. It aims to improve business performance through learning and technology. Its main selling point is intuitive, strategic learning modules for ongoing employee training.

Features of SwissVBS:

  • Gamified learning modules
  • Off-the-shelf preloaded courses on a variety of subjects
  • Mobile learning platform


Tellwise is a sales acceleration platform. It’s designed to accelerate the sales pipeline through analytics and multi-channel integration.

Features of Tellwise:

  • Phone, email, chat, and presentation integration for unified communication
  • Predictive sales analytics
  • Integrated phone dialer
  • AI-driven sales intelligence


Tier1CRM is a sales enablement platform built on top of Salesforce. It offers a suite of flexible integration tools. It offers simply configurable front-end views. It empowers speed and efficiency in targeting and engaging the best sales opportunities.

Features of Tier1CRM:

  • Quick views and reports on clients and prospects
  • Actionable insights on-the-go


UpSync is a powerful mobile sales presentation app. It’s designed to organize, manage, and share timely and relevant content. It allows organizations to centralize their most relevant and up-to-date e sales materials. All in one secure repository.

Features of UpSync:

  • Support for all major file formats
  • Version controlled
  • Sharing and security permissions
  • Drag-and-drop presentation creation


Velocify is a comprehensive lead management solution.. It’s built for mortgage brokers, educational institutions, and insurance organizations. It’s built for those that primarily sell their products or services over the phone or via email. The software’s main focus is helping its customers convert leads into clients. And also automating sales operations.

Features of Velocify:

  • Robust reporting features
  • Workflow automation
  • Lead scoring and lead routing tools
  • Duplicate management


VipeCloud is a suite of online sales enablement tools. They include email marketing, marketing automation, and a lightweight CRM. According to their website, they pride themselves on “unparalleled, responsive” customer service.

Features of VipeCloud:

  • Sales velocity measurement and analytics
  • Inbox-synced company records that eliminate manual data entry
  • Automatic call and meeting scheduler
  • Full-scale analytics and reports


Wyng enables brands to engage and collect permission-based data. It collects the data from consumers on owned media. This is done through “microsite” creation, powerful email capture tools, and in-depth workflows.

Features of Wyng:

  • Personalized prospect experiences based on gathered data
  • Drag-and-drop landing page builder
  • Mobile-responsive


Xyleme is a learning content management system (LCMS). It helps learning and development professionals author, publish, deliver, and analyze content. It comes equipped with powerful content creation tools. These empower leaders to quickly create sales training and make it accessible anywhere.

Features of Xyleme:

  • Security permissions based on document or employee role
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Robust analytics on training usage and impact on employee performance


Yesware is a free sales productivity platform that integrates with Gmail or Outlook365. It includes powerful tools for prospecting and scheduling meetings. It can be implemented in a few clicks and even features free customer support.

Features of Yesware:

  • Automatic meeting scheduler
  • Intelligent follow-up reminders
  • Integration with Salesforce and other CRMs

By Accent Technologies

16th April 2020