Using Custom ChatGPT AI Technology to Power Your Sales


Using Custom ChatGPT AI Technology to Power Your Sales

The movie Oppenheimer by Universal Studios uncovers the secrets behind the Manhattan Project through the perspective of J. Robert Oppenheimer, "father of the atomic bomb." The movie showcases the beginning of the nuclear age and the power of atomic energy. Large Language Model AI technology like Custom ChatGPT represents the beginning of the Sales AI age.

Much like the tiny atom that hides colossal amounts of energy, organizations harbor an extraordinary amount of business value within their information systems. Drawing an analogy from Einstein's famous equation, E=mc2, we propose a new business equation: Value = Information2. This equation hinges on two pivotal factors: the quality of the information and the effectiveness of its extraction and application.

The Atomic Metaphor

Einstein's equation, E=mc2, revealed the profound relationship between mass (m) and energy (E), showing that even a minuscule amount of mass could yield an enormous amount of energy. Similarly, our V=I2 equation suggests that a small quantity of properly leveraged information can generate immense business value (V). But the parallel extends beyond the simple equations—it is about the technique employed to unlock the inherent power.The Power of Information (I)

Just as the atom serves as the basis for nuclear energy, information is the lifeblood of business value. It's not solely about volume; the quality—relevance, accuracy, and timeliness—significantly influences the value derived. This vital resource partially resides in CRM systems but is also deeply embedded in email and calendaring systems like Microsoft Exchange. The untapped information—activity levels, buyer engagements, account info, pipeline, and forecasting data—can provide a wealth of insights into selling motion areas.

Formatting and Mining (F)

Nuclear fission requires precise conditions to effectively extract energy from an atom. Likewise, the extraction, organization, and mining of information are crucial. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology like customized ChatGPT, we can refine raw data into a format that can be understood, analyzed, and acted upon, transforming data from simple facts into actionable insights. This is a huge leap forward for revenue teams—not to be discounted or underestimated.

Completeness (C)

Value, information, formatting and refinement, completeness

Much like an incomplete nuclear device fails to produce the desired energy, incomplete information yields suboptimal value. To derive maximum value, information must be comprehensive, encompassing all relevant aspects of the sales cycle. Ensuring the completeness of information allows organizations to make informed, strategic decisions grounded in a holistic understanding of the business situation.

Our enhanced equation thus becomes: V = (IFC)2. This equation reveals that the derived value is exponentially related to the information, its effective extraction, formatting, refinement, and completeness.

Applying the Equation: The Role of ChatGPT AI

Applying the equation to extract value from corporate data is akin to harnessing the power of a nuclear reaction. ChatGPT, a leading-edge Large Language Model AI technology we’ve all heard so much about, plays a significant role in this process. By asking questions, you get insightful answers. By analyzing data, you receive thoughtful insights. This AI technology opens up vast value opportunities, as long as it is fed the right data.

A Customized ChatGPT AI is capable of mining, interpreting, and applying data to provide predictive analytics, intelligent forecasting, and personalized recommendations. This helps organizations to strategically optimize their sales and marketing activities, improving overall productivity and profitability. Just as the energy from splitting an atom revolutionized our world, the potential business value hidden within corporate systems can transform the way we sell, engage, and grow our businesses.

Simple Example: What Should I Do Next?

This question has plagued every sales rep and leader from the beginning of time—sales time at least. This universal question: “What should I do next to move this buyer forward?” holds up more sales deals than any other. It’s been the key point of discussion in nearly every opportunity and pipeline review. It’s not an easy question for most reps and sales leaders.

To answer it effectively, you must understand the sales situation—meaning—what information does the buyer need to become convinced that your solution (1) will solve their problem(s), and (2) that your solution is the right one to buy. Compound this challenge with multiple buyers on the buying team and a complex, often misunderstood, decision process and the problem grows quickly in complexity.

A Custom ChatGPT solution can take the data from the sales situation [the more complete and refined the data the better] and turn it into actionable next step recommendations that move the rep forward to action. It can help write the next email, recommend the right content to send, suggest the next meeting topics, and so on. It seems like magic—but it’s just great technology. And it works, and works very, very well. This is the exciting part.

The result: sales reps take more, good, relevant next steps to move deals forward to close win. Why? Because the recommendations get delivered right into their laps. What sales leader doesn’t want that? A custom ChatGPT solution that has access to the right sales situational data can work wonders in compelling reps to take the right next steps.

More Examples Abound

This is just one example. There are so many uses of this new AI technology to bring visibility and the right next step decisions that I can’t begin to cover them in one article. Seller performance, account and opportunity health, pipeline health, and forecasting accuracy are all positively impacted.

Why You Should Move Now to Implement AI in Sales

There are questions about ChatGPT and AI in general. Is my data secure? What about the hallucinations [guesses made by the AI]? What if it gives me a bad recommendation? All reasonable. But all solvable. And is this type of solution perfect? No. But it’s really, really good. And way better than taking no action. Besides, how many reps do you know that make perfect decisions every time? I think I’ve made my point.

And when you step back a minute, we’re talking about a business function that has about an 80% failure rate in most opportunities. Taking a positive step forward is almost always better than doing nothing—which is sadly too often the case in selling.

Will you be better off implementing Sales AI [Customized ChatGPT and Large Language Model Technology] than waiting? The answer is 100% yes. Why? Because it’s incredibly effective right now. And will only get better and more valuable for you as you move forward and gain experience and precision in how you use it.

Move now, and gain a competitive advantage we will likely never have again in our lifetime. This is an inflection point in sales technology. I have been creating sales technology for nearly 30 years and I have never seen anything like this before. Seize it now and you will reap the benefits over those that don’t.


Most every interaction we have with customers and prospects is recorded in our systems: emails, web-meetings, scheduled calls, etc. And accounts and opportunities are normally present in CRM—but there’s very little data in there. We just need to intelligently map and connect our activities to accounts and opportunities in our CRM. The technology is here to do that, we just need to apply it. Once that’s completed, we can do a world of analysis and examination our seller performance, account and opportunity health, pipeline health, and forecasting accuracy. And we don’t need to stop there: we can go forward and make solid, relevant prompting recommendations to our sales and service reps to move relationships and deals forward to close. And, with the help of ChatGPT AI, we can do it with scale and grace—much like a good manager would do if they had the time and the visibility.

It's time to follow in Einstein's footsteps. Let's split the nucleus of organizational data and release the untapped value within. The equation V = (IFC)2 is more than just a theoretical concept—it's a practical, actionable formula for enhancing productivity, profitability, and overall business performance. The power is right there, under our noses, in our systems. Let's unlock it.

In an era of information overload, harnessing the atomic power of information is not merely a strategic move—it's a competitive necessity. Begin treating your data as the valuable resource it is. Invest in the tools and technologies capable of mining it, refining it, and unleashing its true potential. Embrace the transformative power of AI, and leverage platforms like ChatGPT to metamorphose your raw data into a goldmine of insights.

Remember, the key to unlocking business value lies in the approach to your data. The correct extraction, refinement, formatting, and completeness of your data, combined with the power of AI, will deliver exponential value, just as the atom releases energy. Equip your team with the ability to ask the right questions, gain insightful answers, and glean thoughtful insights from your data. Unleash the power of information within your organization and watch as it transforms your business, fueling growth, profitability, and success.

If you’re interested, let us know. We’d love to help.

Hope you have your best year ever.

By Accent Technologies

18th July 2023