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Sales Presentations On Mute? It’s Time To Speak Up

Selling is unpredictable. It didn’t always used to be that way, but that was when the seller had all the power. With the scales officially shifted and buyers holding all the cards, sales reps no longer get by with one-way monologues and single-surface spiels. B2B buyer confidence and decision consensus must be earned, and this means creating textured sales presentations that speak to buyers on their terms – and with more than just stats on a slide.

Voice strikes a cord.

Winning sales presentations respect buyer intelligence. They demand attention with interactive engagement. They pinpoint pains with hyper-personalized, precision-targeted messaging. But, most important, winning presentations invite the buyer into the conversation.

Buyers want to be spoken with, not sold to. With buyer portal technology, your reps use the greatest power they have, their conversational skills, to speak to the buyer with a voice that engages, assures and informs.

Your buyers have to feel your presentations. This requires stepping onto that field of emotions, which means changing the tune of your sales game – because not everyone is a reader.

All buyers are people. No person is the same.

If you gave a group of people the option to watch a video or read an article – both on the same topic – the video would take the cake. Watching video is, for most people, a lot more enjoyable than reading text. But the video’s entertainment advantage is nothing new, and it’s not the whole story.

Audio-visual presentations are about more than just entertainment and aesthetic appeal. Some buyers need this show-and-tell sell to truly get on board with the information. Remember: Buyers are people, and some people absorb content more easily when it’s streamed through their eyes and ears – not just plopped on a page or flashed on a slide.

Understanding the way people learn and process information isn’t just for the education sector. This awareness has huge ramifications for businesses, too. Consider these findings from a Forbes Insight report on senior executives’ preference for video:

It’s not because we’re lazy that we crave information on that multimedia platter. Our palate for interactive content stems from basic biology.

If you really want to speak volumes to your buyers and get your reps selling to the tune of sales enablement, you need to recruit the right technology.

The buyer portal puts a voice to your words.

Put simply, a buyer portal is a content management platform.

Portal technology brings a lot of benefits to the sales enablement table, but perhaps the most powerful one is the merger of spoken voice and written word.

Voice is great.
It conveys emotion, but it’s not always possible.
Words are good, too.
They’re efficient and easy, but they don’t engage like audio with inflection and tone.
But voice and words together?
Now you’re talking.

It’s the conversation that sells.

Your buyers hate the hard sell. They don’t want the pundit pitch. Today’s buyers demand to be engaged and respected, to take part in and have control over the sales process. A buyer portal solves this pain by empowering your sales reps with the art of conversation.

Cash in on the perks of the portal.

With portal technology and sales presentation software, it’s easy for your reps to create vocal slideshows that talk your buyers through the information and redefine the way people think about your solutions.

Reps add texture and tone to sales presentations, amping up the value of their message, with a variety of content options:

It’s the conversation that sells. Speak to your buyers (and let them be heard) with sales and marketing technology that adds voice and vision to your presentations.