What is revenue enablement?

Revenue Enablement

Driving beyond sales enablement 
with data science and AI

What is revenue enablement?

Revenue Enablement aligns all revenue and support teams around the right information and shared sense of purpose – to produce more revenue. It injects new AI technology to collect, analyze and deliver the critical information each team needs to operate at razor-sharp levels and increase revenue.

How does it differ from sales enablement?

Revenue Enablement is broader, involving more teams and delivering more information. It injects new AI and technologies not present in sales enablement platforms. In short, Revenue Enablement encompasses sales enablement capabilities, but adds many new capabilities to deliver a comprehensive platform for revenue generation.

Revenue enablement combines technologies from different market segments

Why it’s time for revenue enablement

The AI explosion occurring around us is very apparent. Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant help us everyday. But those are just the most visible. Nearly every industry is applying AI to gain greater knowledge buyers and increase revenue.

Sales and Marketing [Revenue Teams] must aggressively collect buyer engagement data and apply AI to stay competitive—or soon begin losing to teams that do.

From loose team alignment to one revenue team

Sales and marketing teams need much more than alignment. To stay competitive, they need to converge as one revenue team with a shared sense of purpose—to deliver more sales revenue.

This means leadership teams, marketing teams, sales teams, sales enablement teams, customer-facing teams, and support teams all working in concert—as one revenue team—seeking to know their buyers and produce the best customer experience possible.

More data collection and AI are a must

Buyer engagement data is the life blood of revenue teams. Aggressive collection of data and application of AI is quickly becoming a competitive necessity. The AI-driven insights enable revenue teams to execute with much greater efficiency and effectiveness—to operate at razor-sharp levels that just 5 years ago were impossible. The next 12 to 18 months will produce a great separation between organizations leveraging AI in buyer engagements and those that don’t.