The Sales Portal: Your Portal To Sales Enablement


The Sales Portal: Your Portal To Sales Enablement


Customer relationship management (CRM) is not new to the sales arena. The successful sales team has long been leveraging CRM platforms to capture, store and transmit data about deals in progress. But what isn’t so widely recognized is the fuel that these CRM tools, and the sales portal in particular, inject into your team’s momentum for more dynamic, more sustainable and more powerful B2B sales enablement.

The Best-In-Class give email the pass.
Still relying on email to communicate with prospective buyers and customers? If you want to be Best-In-Class, that has to stop. It’s time to start leveraging the full scope of sales portal potential and its rich media capabilities to put your reps on the fast track to sales enablement.

Sales portal vs. email? No comparison.

  • No file restrictions.
    A sales portal, unlike email, doesn’t put you in a bandwidth box. You’re able to post any number of files, regardless of their size, more easily and faster.
  • No version confusion.
    As revisions or updates are made, they’re all stored in one place. It goes without saying that this is much simpler and less time-intensive than searching through email folders, attachments and chains of correspondence to pinpoint the correct version of a document or file.
  • No security worries.
    A sales portal has built-in security, so you don’t have to worry about viruses or malicious outsiders infiltrating your knowledge bank.
  • No uncertainty.
    Sales reps are able to track everything a prospect has clicked, viewed and forwarded. Perhaps more important, though, is the insight reps get into any lack of prospect activity and/or response to their outreach efforts. This real-time, actionable grasp on what’s going on in the buyer’s world allows the sales team to continuously and strategically improve its approach.
  • No disjointedness.
    A sales portal integrates with your current CRM to keep contacts up to date and organized.
  • No generic content blasts.
    Content in a sales portal is segmented not only according to specific buyers, but also according to each stage in the B2B buying process.
  • No barriers to information.
    The portal gives your buyers access to any and all information they may want. And, once again, it’s all in one, super accessible place.
  • No “stalled by search.”
    Your portal keeps all content organized, tagged and categorized. This makes the right information easy to find (the first time) for both buyers and sales reps.
  • No more monologues.
    Because the portal allows for easy sharing amongst buyers, your sales reps are able to generate more interactive and robust feedback from a variety of powerful sources.

Open the portal to sales enablement.

Ready for the takeaway? It’s simple, really. A sales portal is your one-stop shop for game-changing sales enablement.

  1. A sales portal helps you improve, giving your reps all the information they need to refine the sales process.
  2. A sales portal directs your efforts, tracking important activity and analytics to better inform your team’s decisions on what content to send out and which prospects to go after.
  3. A sales portal personalizes the buyer experience with audio messages and other forms of interactive messaging, setting you apart from less-engaging competition.
  4. A sales portal is fully mobile, allowing each rep to upload and view anything on the go.
  5. A sales portal is completely customizable, giving you full control to segment content however you want – whether by buyer persona, buying stage, content topic, content type or all of the above.

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By Accent Technologies

11th April 2014