Sales Presentations That Win Start With Messaging That Works


Sales Presentations That Win Start With Messaging That Works


Our last post was about sales and marketing alignment strategies that promote company cohesion, workforce productivity and content creation. But what good is alignment if your sales presentations aren’t … selling? It’s time to take control of your messaging and sales enablement with effective content management.

You need to part with those pre-packaged PowerPoint slides and start hitting home with power and precision.

Winning sales presentations hit home with POWER.

Static slides and stale statistics? Let’s face it: Your sales presentations are boring. And in this age of “sub-goldfish” attention spans and 10 blinking seconds of opportunity to make digital impressions on your buyers, lackluster presentations simply don’t cut it.

Say no more to sales presentations that leave prospects yawning, fidgeting and pleading with time to tick faster. Say yes to presentations that spark an exceptional B2B buyer experience and plant that winning seed of sales enablement.

So, powerful presentations are the only way to go if you really want to win. Now onto the content management software that fuels those potent presentations with hyper-personalized messaging.

Winning sales presentations hit home with PRECISION.

If content is king, then technology is his fiery and efficient queen. Put them together and you’ve got yourself a fully decked court for marketing content that’s precision targeted for each buyer persona.

Content management software puts you in control of your messaging strategy and empowers your reps with persuasive presentations that overhaul their sales game and undercut your competition. Here’s how:

  1. DIFFERENTIATE content.
    All messaging is not created equal.
    Distinguish core messaging from individualized messaging, the latter of which is strategically tailored to each buyer persona.
  2. MANAGE content.
    Different messaging requires different attention.
    Work with core-value materials and persona-personalized materials separately, giving each content camp the scrupulous consideration it deserves.
  3. EVOLVE with buyers.
    Buyers aren’t static, so your messaging must adapt to their ever-changing needs, preferences and perspectives.
    Change applicable messaging and specific content pieces when needed, quickly and seamlessly, without having to scrap it all entirely and start a bulky, drawn-out rewriting process.
  4. EMPOWER sales reps.
    Your sales team must create exceptional buying experiences.
    Make it easy for reps to 1) sift through your pool of core-value messaging, 2) inject the persona information that’s specified for their buyer of interest and 3) feather in any notes, additional resources and “wow” factors to clinch that personalized experience and win over today’s savvy, formidable and information-intensive B2B buyer.
  5. STRENGTHEN the seams.
    You must be nimble in your tactics, but constant at your strategic core.
    Keep your messaging consistent and your brand defined for stable and sustainable sales enablement.

The takeaway? Ditch the passive pitch.

You can no longer afford the passive pitch: treating your buyers as spellbound objects of your sales speak. If you really want to hit your message home, you must make your buyers active players in your sales game.

With the right technology, you’re ready to cut the salesy monologues. You’re ready to truly engage your buyers with precision-targeted messaging and powerful presentations for winning sales enablement.

Stay tuned for our next post on sales portal technology that allows your sales reps to combine the best of their vocal and written skills for captivating, multi-dimensional buyer experiences.

By Accent Technologies

15th April 2014