Start Loving Those Sales Quotas: Make A PACT With Your Sales Team


Start Loving Those Sales Quotas: Make A PACT With Your Sales Team


The sales quota. It’s a powerful and often devilish number, sending shockwaves of frenzy and fear across the sales camp. This quantitative incentive does come from a positive place – intended to motivate sales reps, propel performance and keep that revenue line trending up – but the negative vibes it ignites often get in the way.

This is because most sales teams are flailing in the wrong directions: They’re working hard, but not smart.

Inside Sales Productivity & Performance Metrics Report (The Bridge Group, Inc.):

Since 2007, sales quotas have risen nearly 33% – but the percentage of sales reps making those quotas has fallen by 25%

  • 42% of respondents reported less than 50% of their reps at quota
  • Only 4% had greater than 80% of their reps at quota

How do you fix a broken sales team and turn sales quotas into the supportive stimulants they should be? Make a pact with your team to improve four critical areas:


PACT: The Malfunctions

Most teams face the following challenges when striving to meet sales quotas:

Presentations aren’t pulling their weight.

Access isn’t up to par.

  • Your clients and prospects expect easy accessibility to a wide range of information, anytime and from anywhere.
  • They want to be able to reach and interact with your sales team at all times.

Communication could use some work.

  • Your clients and prospects demand that sales reps adapt to the modern landscape of dynamic and variable communication.
  • They want multiple ways to contact your company (not just through the phone!), all of them simple and effective.

Technology needs a serious facelift, STAT.

  • Your prospects and clients exist in the business world: a world that lives and breathes in digital communication, virtual access and multimedia presentations.
  • They expect your company to be on their level and your sales team to embrace technology with graceful efficiency. No questions asked.

PACT: The Renovations

Overhaul your sales process and start loving those sales quotas with the following tweaks:

Presentations get powerful.

Access makes things easy.

  • Clients and prospects need that streamlined, single-spot access to all information and interaction with your sales reps.
  • Offer a personalized sales portal that’s secure, engaging, simple to navigate and easy to operate.

Communication keeps buyers happy.

  • Your buyers want more than just a phone number or email address.
  • Amplify sales communication and personalize marketing content by 1) keeping content hyper-relevant to each buyer persona, 2) automating communication via daily, weekly and monthly workflows and 3) tracking engagement results, like downloads and open rates, to gain insight into what’s getting (and holding!) your audience’s attention.

Technology makes it all possible.

… And that’s when you start loving those sales quotas.

Want to show your sales quotas some love? We’ll show you how with the right sales and marketing technology. Get those sales numbers trending up and your sales reps breathing easy.

By Accent Technologies

28th April 2014