Sales Enablement Wizards: Make The Magic Happen For Sales Reps


Sales Enablement Wizards: Make The Magic Happen For Sales Reps


Looking for a way to inject some charismatic magic into your sales material? Look no further than the widget behind the curtain: the wizard. Put your sales reps on the fast track to masterful asset management, intricately customized content and sales kits that kick sales enablement into high gear.

An undeniable leader amongst sales tools, wizards are incredibly easy to use: Just answer a few questions, and out pops your targeted, tailored sales kit. All your reps have to do is drop in appropriate buyer names and contact info where necessary, and they’re armed with powerful sales presentations with personalized pizzazz.

Your sales team needs some help.

Let’s face it: Your reps need a little pep in their step.


“Sales-driven cultures can really differentiate you from the majority of your competition. That doesn’t mean being salesperson oriented, just sales oriented: winning deals, smelling the blood and going in for the kill.”
– Josh James, CEO of Domo

  • 85% of reps give themselves a “B” grade or worse for their prep work.
  • 78% of reps give themselves a “B” grade or worse for their presentations skills.
  • 79% of reps give themselves a “B” grade or worse for post-meeting follow-up.

Today’s buyers want quick responses and relevant, personalized information. Sales reps need the right resources at their fingertips to quickly assemble precision-targeted, custom-tailored presentations, documents and sales kits that best fit each unique sales opportunity.


“40% of a rep’s time is spent creating sales presentations, customizing messaging and preparing for pitches.”
– CMO Council Study, as quoted in Firebrick Consulting’s Why Sales Doesn’t Use Your Presentations

  • Reps spend about 35% of their time locating and preparing materials.
  • 33% of sales reps report that they frequently can’t find the materials they need.
  • 41% say their information is out of date and unappealing.
  • 51% of reps spend valuable buyer-facing time tinkering with marketing content to make it applicable.

Sales reps are spending way too much time digging through resources to find what they need, and even more time cobbling together sales kits, presentations and documents that are relevant for their buyers. This means less time interacting with buyers and less time selling.


“Sales studies consistently show that anywhere from 35-50% of all sales go to the agent who makes first contact.”
– Joel York, Chaotic Flow

  • Leads convert 22 times more often when contacted in the first five minutes of making an inquiry.
  • On average, 43% of companies report that they did not respond at all to leads.
  • 63% of reps fail to respond to leads within one hour.
  • 24% fail to respond to leads within one day.

Reps must respond quickly and accurately to buyers, whether from desktop or mobile, and seize opportunities as soon as they arise. The ones with fast, easy access to sales resources, plus the ability to quickly assemble the relevant material for buyers, have a clear competitive advantage.

*Sources for all aforementioned numbers: MarketingProfs’ “State Of The Sales Rep” infographic, MIT and Harvard University studies and a survey conducted by Ifbyphone.


Let the wizard work its magic.

Your sales reps need to make the grade. They need to be efficient. They need to be responsive.

That’s where the wizard comes in:

  • No more scouring for the right material that fits the specific situation.
  • Simple questions and answers translate into a tailored sales kit or document.
  • Guides and recommendations help less experienced reps send out the right materials.
  • Create sales presentations, documents and kits based on each unique opportunity and situation. Personalize materials to make it strike a cord with specific buyers.
  • Ensure consistent, strong, marketing-approved messaging.
  • Send content to buyers through the sales portal – clinching accessibility and convenience for buyers, along with real-time visibility for sales reps into recipients’ responses, engagement and activity.
  • Let marketing have Wizard Manager control, creating wizards for any/all materials that support reps in the sales process.
  • Save material in the library for future use when similar opportunities crop up.

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By Accent Technologies

23rd June 2014